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hi everyone!

I was driving in my dad's car today [he works for VW &gets a company car] which has Sirius radio.
I didn't feel like taking out the navigation DVD to put in a CD, so I changed the station to Lithium 24, which is 90's Alternative. occasionally they'll play 'Tomorrow.'

when I turned it on, the screen flashed 'DJ SILVERCHAIR' which got me excited, because I thought Silverchair was up next.
turns out the boys were DJ'ing the station!! I started screaming, and only heard Ben say, "Lithium 24. With Silverchair."
I guess every half an hour a musical guest DJs the channel, talking only in the beginning and then picking songs. I didn't get to hear the beginning since I had just gotten in the car, but was ecstatic to hear Ben!

just thought everyone should know :]

and my post would not be complete without...
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don't panic
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Aw, this is a bit sad!

Imbruglia and Johns call it quits (Friday January 4, 07:46pm) Article here...Collapse )

I guess it was only a matter of time that they were going to split :( It can't have been easy maintaining a relationship being half a world apart most of the time. They were also rather cute together! And good on them for not selling their story to the media too!

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Silverchair: C-bus, Clev, & Indy - ALL 3 SHOWS (5CDs) - December, 2007. [DPA - sourced- FLAC]

I do not know why I forgot to post this here last week, but here it is...

I recorded 3 shows last week here in the midwest & i put them together as one big torrent to download.... get it over @: Dime or @ Traders Den if you do not have an account @Dime. The Indy show turned out the best and the other 2 turned out very very good. Check 'em out... mp3 samples are available at the above links.

I included the 14 total best pictures from the 150+ pictures my friend and I came away with. They are all in the original sizes, so you may develop them and frame them if you would like. Here is one of em:




hey kids... i just posted, in my normal journal, a select few of the great multitude of favorite concert photos i took during the last three shows (but these are mainly, if not all indy, i think). check them out!!! :)