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Hey all,

I am looking for the large, close-up photo of Daniel where he is wearing a green blazer and smiling.  I have it as the background on one computer, and want to switch it to another, but I cannot remember where I found the picture.

Thanks for the help!

silverchair-- i misses them.

so, i  just realized how much i miss silverchair. 

i had good experiences & one bad experience in my concert viewings of them on '07 & i really really really miss them.  i want to see them again but i heard they are writing a new album. if this is the case then by all means i'll keep on missing 'em til they come back to the US

i was going thru photobucket and doing a picture survey & one of the questions that was "Who is your celebrity crush" and of course, I put daniel in the seach bar to find a picture of him & i found the most gorgeous one of him I ever found! have a looksie:

it's sad to hear what happened b/w him and natalie, but i'm sure it was for the best. i just hope they return. they cant do what they did before & took almost 5 years off before another album was released. no more of that! 

and my all time fav album is "Diorama" but they're albums get better & better with each release. When I want to see them in concert, I just pop in the Silverchair & Powderfinger DVD and enjoy. lol. i'm sad, i know. 

but I thought i would just share my thoughts on the return of silverchair & how much i miss them! 

Jakie Say Yeah!

Box sets?

So tonight as I go through the tedious process of putting all of my music on my computer for the second time, I got to thinking about boxed sets. The Diorama Box is one of my favorite possessions, and I was so ecstatic to find a Freak Box Set that I never even unwrapped it. But what about Neon Ballroom? Is anyone aware of a box set for that? I'd be overjoyed, but I don't think it exists.

In sadder news, my special import copy of the CD/DVD of Young Modern was stolen out of my car along with 20 other CDs (and furthermore, my iPod, which I managed to get back--unfortunately it was wiped, thus all the re-importing of songs). Let's hope that something good comes out of this and someone learns about the magic of silverchair through stolen property.
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this llama-thing.

okay so I've never really understood this, on frogstomp this is all this talk about llamas. I get that some of it is a joke but "silverchair supports the liberation of the llama nation" is that just a joke as well or is it some deeper meaning?

*I feel like a n00b but please don't mock me*
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Daniel gasp! - faraway_stables

SALE! aka Please buy my crap! :)

A couple people expressed interest, so I put together a list of all the extra Silverchair items I own and would like to sell. I even took pictures of every single item this morning, so there would be no surprises for anyone. Also to prove that the items actually exist. :)

I've never done a sale on LJ before, so I'm not quite sure what the rules should be. I thought about doing it a bit auction style, but visions of massive confusion made me scrap that idea. So, we'll do it first come first serve and as items are claimed (seriously) I will cross them off the list. Unless someone is willing to pay more then the listed price for a claimed item, then we may have to do a few items silent auction style, but I don't really see that happening too much.

Take a look, if you see any items you wants to buy, post a comment saying so. I'll leave this up till next weekend (March 8th), that way everyone in the comm will have a chance to check it out. Next week I'll work out the shipping charges and payment options for buyers and we'll go from there.

Sale status: CLOSED

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