Groovin' the Moo

Silverchair are heading to the following places as part of the Groovin’ The Moo tour.

Bendigo - Saturday May 1, 2010
Townsville - Sunday May 2, 2010
Maitland - Saturday May 8, 2010
Canberra - Sunday May 9, 2010
Bunbury - Saturday May 15, 2010
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Just a quick question

I have, somewhere in my possession (I'm planning to look for it at my parent's house this weekend) a picture of a llama from a colouring book, signed by Daniel, Chris and Ben.

When silverchair first started getting big, back in 1994 I wrote letters to the fan club and to my delight got personalised replies! My cousin (also a fan) suggested I should send a picture of a llama to them (because they seemed to have a thing with llamas back then). So we found a picture in a colouring book and sent it to them. I suggested they could colour it in, I got it back signed (with a little beard drawn on my Daniel).

I still like their music, but I'm not the massive fan I was then. I need money for things like a new car and other adult things that I never worried about back then when I was 14.

How much would an item like this be worth do you reckon?

Thanks for your help. :)
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See What Popped in my Inbox this Morning



Silverchair have been back in the studio over the last few weeks!

Daniel, Ben & Chris recently got together in a remote studio for a bit over 3 weeks to work on some new songs.

They put down a bunch of ideas & Daniel has since gone away to write and develop the songs further.

The band made a small video themselves as a little special something just for you. There are no release plans yet.

Check out the video now at

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miss molko

desperate chairhead seeks dvd

Hello everybody...

I've been searching for a NTSC version of the Across the Great Divide dvd.
I had seen it on once, but I had no money, and's discontinued.

Does anybody happen to know where I could find it or is anyone willing to help a fellow chairhead out by letting me buy a copy from you??

Please comment back or email me at
Thank you!!!!

Conductor Concert .gif.

Does anyone have that close up .gif of Daniel Johns, while they're in concert, and as he's singing and he's swaying his finger to the music, sort  of like a conductor a bit!?

If anyone has this i'll love them forever. D=
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This Just Popped into My Inbox

If you all don't already know all of this, here's what just popped into my inbox:


Daniel Johns made history at the 2008 APRA Awards held in Sydney last night when he won the prestigious APRA “Songwriter of the Year” award.

This latest achievement makes the Silverchair frontman the first songwriter in the 26 year history of the APRA Awards to receive this honour on three separate occasions (he also won in 1995 with bandmate Ben Gillies and then in 2003 for his work on “Diorama”).

In addition to winning “Songwriter of the Year” Daniel’s composition “Straight Lines” (which he co-wrote with The Presets’ Julian Hamilton) was named the APRA “Song of the Year” and the “Most Played Australian Work”.

“It’s a serious honor to be recognized by your peers in the music community” Daniel Johns said “Writing songs means everything to me so to receive these awards for the art of songwriting feels particularly special.”

These acknowledgements by APRA and its members cap an extraordinary year for Daniel and his Silverchair bandmates. After a lengthy hiatus the group returned in 2007 with their fifth consecutive number 1 charting album “Young Modern”. The disc was among the most acclaimed of the group’s career. It went on to be certified triple platinum and swept last year’s ARIA Awards.

After last night Daniel Johns now has the unprecedented honour of winning both more APRA Awards AND more ARIA Awards than any other artist in history. He recently turned 29 years old.

After touring non-stop into early 2008, Silverchair is currently on a well-earned break. The band hopes to return to the studio next year.
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(no subject)

Does anyone have the songs from the iTunes singles for "Reflections Of A Sound" and "Mind Reader"?

I tried to switch my iTunes to Australia but it won't let me purchase them cause my billing address isn't in Australia. If anyone has them can you send them to me?

I am so close to having every Silverchair single. Besides those I need to get "Findaway" and "Without You". I can't find "Without You" anywhere and not even the Diorama Boxset. And "Findaway" is going or $50 on Ebay which I can't afford. =( Anyone know where I can find those 2 cds for cheaper? I'd pay $20 each.
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