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Hi. My name is Sherry and I am a 23 yr old bi woman from West Sacramento, CA. I have a community for BIs, Gays, Lesbians, Transsexuals, and Transgenders bi_merced_cnty . I also have a few other communities too but you'll have to check out my profile to see what they are. I have been OUT to myself since jr high, out to my close friends since high school, and out to most of my friends since I was 21. I still haven't came out to my family. In fact, only one family member knows that I am bi. I am here to make new friends, hopefully in CA. "Holla" at me if you'd like to talk.


I'm looking for people who are a-sexual/ bi/ bi curious/ gay/lesbian/ transsexual/ transgendered or just plain curious about the differant sexualities to join my community bi_merced_cnty AND ADD ME AS A FRIEND ON MYSPACE.COM ( http://www.myspace.com/SherryLouisePeck/ )

I would REALLY like people from Merced County and Sacramento County to join but anyone from California is welcome!


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I'm back!!! After like a million months of having neglected my LJ I'm finally back. YAY! I <3 this group, even though I'm straight. Well, just so you know, I have a lesbian in my school who's after me. Just for sex. So it's a little weird.
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