no two snowflakes are ever the same

humans are the same way.

what matters in your life?
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we're all here for a reason.

do you live for a reason you believe in?

post whatever you feel expresses best why you are here on earth, what you feel you are meant to do. Some of us don't understand why we are here, and this can be an outlet for exploration of that. This can also be used to show why you enjoy life, or why you hate it. Post pictures of those you love, things you love, things you hate. Tell us stories about what you like to do, things you love, memories you can't seem to forget. This is a thoughtful and reminiscent place, and a great place to celebrate how individual and different each one of us truly are.

you know the drill, no pissing other community members off, no huge pics without LJ cuts, no slamming anyone for what they said or posted, just being respectful and decent to everyone involved here.

the end. oh and yes, this is your moderator, singingnmysleep speaking, be nice, & don't piss me off. thank you :)