What matters to me? Originally I thought I'd name a whole list of things that matter in my life, but when I think about it, I can eliminate most of those things. It comes down to a few things...

My mother, out of my whole family, because she's never second guessed any of the choices I've made. More importantly, she understands how my head works.

Music, definetely, because basically it's the only thing I've had that I'm especially good at and love.

Understanding my past and forgiving it, because I'd be stuck if I didn't.

And a certain friend (no names mentioned,) who's sometimes a total ass, but he'll always be a big brother figure, or maybe even a father figure to me. The only person I know that would ever drop his ego to pick me up off the sidewalk when I'm deadly sick. Thanks, Pete.

And that's about it.
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my life

every day i come in contact with hundreds of people...i either drive by them and wonder where they are going or where they have been, or i walk by them and wonder what they are thinking....i wish i was psychic..., but then again it's the wondering part that keeps me going. if i knew what people were thinking or the future, all of the joy would be taken out of everything for me...but i guess i could help other people with it (like 'hey, it's september 11...i'm not crazy, but get the hell out of the twin towers)..ya know....of all of the supposed 'psychic' people out there, why don't they help prevent wars or stop people from doing really stupid things (like president clinton...umm..okay)...just a thought.
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BOING - Cathy's Uno-st (...?) Post. Wee!


Choir makes me want to pee myself. I first started singing in 4th grade in the Swing Choir. I still remember bits and pieces from our rehearsals and outings. But, I don't know how good we were... but, I suppose that doesn't matter, right? I was in choir 5th grade, but when I got to Middle School, chorus wasn't offered to the 6th graders. So, I began singing again in 7th grade. We had two concerts that year; one in winter, and one in spring. Our choir was the best out of all three (the others were 8th grade, and then the HS.)... and continued to be the following year.

This year, our freshman year in High School, our incredible choir had to be broken up. The 10 strongest singers were placed in Treble Ensemble, which is what I'm taking. Treble Ensemble is only for the second semester - Mixed Chorus being only for the first. So, these past 18 weeks I felt what it's like not to have choir - and I cannot do that ever again. In exactly 9 days, I will begin Treble Ensemble. I'm very excited to begin this new experience! I am happy to say, though, that next year I will have enough room in my schedule to participate in both Treble Ensemble and Mixed Chorus.

Throughout these years, I met the best director or teacher I have ever had. Miss S. She's that kind of genuine person everyone needs in their lives... despite the age difference, I am very close to her, and we can talk about almost anything. At the end of 7th grade choir, we exchanged email addresses so we could keep in touch over the summer. Miss S has helped me in so many ways, in ways that I don't think anyone else ever would be able to.

Well... I know some people with better choir stories :::cough.cough::: but yeah... dat be mine. Heh.

(Oh... & for Treble Ensemble, we're planning on doing ABBA!)
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I'm a fricken genius

It's unbelievably cold, I have forty hours of work to look forward to for a week x 800, and my left eye won't stop twitching.

Whoa that was negative.

but...I love my boy and get to see him in 11 days. That's what keeps me ticking :)


Time to go hide in a heated blanket somewhere.
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