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Lunatix by Ohmine Shoko [28 Apr 2008|11:14pm]

I scanned the profiles from vol. 1, thought you might like it :)
A translation would be much appreciated :)))

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Am I The Only One Out There........ [25 Apr 2008|01:26pm]

[ mood | curious ]

.............that sees Ken and Chloe as a viable couple?

I recently got, and read through all of Side B, and instantly thought they would be adorable together, given how they bicker all the time. Like a married couple already

What I desperately, pathetically want to know is....does anyone else share the love for these two? It would be awesome to have someone to fangirl about them with.

Oh, because I almost forgot, I just joined like five minutes ago, so I guess this counts as a newbie, intro post too. So.......HI! *waves*

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ONORATA: a multifandom mafia RPG. [20 Apr 2008|01:26am]

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Fic: Courting Chloe [31 Mar 2008|02:25pm]


Title: Courting Chloe
Author: white_cross_b
Type: Fiction
Characters: Chloe & Aya
Rating: 18+
Beta: whymzycal

Notes: Written for the prompt of "socks." This is kind of a silly fic, and I wasn't too sure about posting it other than at the community where the prompt was given, but a few people have poked me recently about writing more Chloe, so this is for them!

Courting Chloe
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New Multifandom RP. [24 Mar 2008|01:47am]


asylumproject - a multifandom roleplay.

You went to sleep in their world and woke up in ours. This is the world of Tredecim, where there is no such thing as "day", and the moon that hangs in the sky seems to radiate its own source of light.

You are now a patient residing in Tredecim Mental Asylum, and you're not happy with it. The more you insist that you don't belong here, the more we will insist that you do. Everything you say will be written off as the insane ramblings of a mentally unstable person.

No matter what you say, you're no longer in charge of your own lives. You will take your pills and write in your journals, and we will monitor every little thing you do until you start to believe you really are crazy.

And then the testing will begin.


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FANALYZE THIS! - a character analysis com [10 Feb 2008|10:38am]

Hi everyone! We're recruiting fanfic authors and roleplayers for fanalyze_this, a new community for character development and analysis. If you've got concerns about writing someone OOC, are struggling to write a particular character, or are just working on fleshing your characters out, this community might be able to help you. You're welcome to discuss any fandoms you write or RP for~

(Xposted several places)
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Fic: "Spirals of Vermilion" [19 Jan 2008|01:03pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Title: Spirals of Vermilion
Genre: Drama, gen
Rating: PG
Characters: Kurumi, Mihirogi, KR
Summary: [Side B] KR and Kurumi have a discussion over tea.

Spirals of VermilionCollapse )

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German editions [12 Jan 2008|10:02pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Hello, I have a few questions concerning the German editions of Weiß Side B. First, are the color pages and dust jackets included? Second, what are the ISBN numbers? Thanks for any help.

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New Community! [16 Dec 2007|09:50pm]

New Community Up!


is committed to in-depth Weiss Kreuz fanfic recommendations and discussions as well as helping you with the occasional fic search. There’s not much up right now, but please check us out and join if you have recs (or a search) of your own. Thank you!

x-posted like WHOA, for that I apologize. *dodges rotten tomatoes*
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Fic: Tangled: Chapter 12 - THE END [12 Nov 2007|01:33pm]

Title: Tangled: Chapter 12 - THE END
Author: white_cross_b
Type: Fiction
Characters/Pairings: Aya/Chloe, Side B, Velvet Under World
Rating: NC-17
Beta: whymzycal with additional insight from orlisbunny

Chapter summary: "You're you," Aya said simply. "You're Edward, you're Chloe, you're whoever you want to be. You can even pick a new name if you like."

Chapter Twelve
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Fic: Tangled: Chapter 11 [06 Nov 2007|04:35pm]

Title: Tangled: Chapter 11
Author: white_cross_b
Type: Fiction
Characters/Pairings: Aya/Chloe, Side B
Rating: NC-17
Beta: whymzycal with additional insight from orlisbunny

Chapter summary: "I'm glad you're alive, Aya," Chloe said simply. There was nothing really left to say.

Chapter 11
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German passage translation [01 Nov 2007|09:57pm]

[ mood | drained ]

Here is a translation of the German passage that appeared at the beginning of chapter 37:

Wir ordnen den Tod an.
Es ist eine Straße, wohin es ein Weiß verteidigen ging schwache Seele.

"We command death.
It is a street where a "White" went to defend weak souls."

The first sentence is grammatically correct. "Anordnen" (it's a verb with a separable prefix) literally translates to "order," but "command" is a more precise word.

The second sentence is not as grammatically correct. The first half is good, but things fall apart after the comma. First of all, the verb is in the wrong position (although it's conjugated correctly; "ging" is the simple past form of "gehen" - "to go"), and second, I don't know if "Seele" is supposed to be plural or not (the plural from is "Seelen," but if it was supposed to be singular, it would have been written as "eine schwache Seele," but without that "eine" it's hard to figure out if it's meant to be plural or singular; at least the adjective ending is correct). Although, given the context, "weak souls" makes the most sense. The sentence would be better written as "Es ist eine Straße, wo ein Weiß zu verteidigen schwache Seelen ging." Or the "schwache Seelen" goes before "verteidigen," I'm not too sure about that.

Yeah, this was a real pain to translate. But I do hope it came out nicely. If I made any mistakes, please point them out.

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Happy Halloween! [30 Oct 2007|09:11pm]

Michel-plushie wants to wish every one a Happy Halloween!

Behold teh cuteness within!Collapse )
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[translation] Weiβ Side B #37: "Licht" [29 Oct 2007|08:49pm]

Linking translation to final chapter. ^__^ ♥ >>

( Weiβ Side B #37: "Licht" )
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Fic: Tangled: Chapter 10 [29 Oct 2007|05:59pm]

Title: Tangled: Chapter 10
Author: white_cross_b
Type: Fiction
Characters/Pairings: Aya/Chloe, Side B
Rating: NC-17
Beta: whymzycal with additional insight from orlisbunny

Chapter summary: "Wow, you sure know how to fuck things up, don't you?" Ken asked with a low whistle.

Chapter 10
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ESPALION: The New World. [24 Oct 2007|03:33pm]


"The discovery of [the New World] was much more than a mere scientific process, [it was] romance, rather than cold speculations of medieval geography, [that] urged men to tempt the dim seas of the West in quest of golden islands seen in dreams."

—Lewis Spence, 1913

Welcome to the New World.Collapse )

An alternative universe, multifadom RPG
combining the age of exploration with steampunk.

espalion logbooks unearthing
informationapplicationreservationstaken characters
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Fic: Tangled: Chapter 9 [19 Oct 2007|03:59pm]

Title: Tangled: Chapter 8
Author: white_cross_b
Type: Fiction
Characters: Side B
Rating: NC-17
Beta: whymzycal  with additional insight from orlisbunny 

Chapter summary: Chloe opened the door and paused. "We're not mere murderers or devils, Aya, we do God's work."

Chapter 9
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#17 and #18 [05 Oct 2007|11:12pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

Is it just me, or does is beginning of #18 from ZeroSum version moved to the end of #17 in the 4th tankoboun?

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My Fanart [05 Oct 2007|04:29pm]



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Selling manga [05 Oct 2007|12:55am]

Hello dear members,

I'm selling my 5 volumes of Side B manga:

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
Item: Weiss Kreuz Side B manga vol.1 ~ 5
Language: Japanese
Condition: Like New
Price: $25; no per book price.
Shipping: Priority US ($4) and International ($9)

They're all wrapped in lovely transparent cover, so the dustjackets are in perfect condition. :3 What you see is what you get (if you want me to keep the transparent covers on).

Please direct all questions and comments here.

X-posted on multiple communities.

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