heavenscloud666 (heavenscloud666) wrote in _side_b,

I need help!!

hi there everyone!!

i m just wondering if anyone knows if there is a FULL translation floating around on the internet or somewhere for the Weiss Side B manga??
if so i would really really really appreciate it if someone can let me know.  i ve already searched and i know that the manga is translated up to vol.3 on the site 'kitten claws' or something like it.  there's also a small scaltaion of it on


(you might have to be a member) but it ends somewhere in vol.2 and it hasent been updated in awhile like all the other sites that ive been too. i did however find what i was looking for on another site but unfortunately it's not there anymore.  *cries*  

reason being is that i m attempting to scanlate this manga myself so i can share it with everyone.  i have the raw scans already and i have the editing skills now all i need is the translations!!

So if anyone knows. hit me up!!! thanks!!!!
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