^_^ /* (white_cross_b) wrote in _side_b,
^_^ /*

2 Ficlets

I'm a bit rusty on fic writing, especially Weiß, so I took my two recent prompts and wrote a couple Side B ficlets.

Fic: Lucky Number
Fandom: Weiß Side B
Prompt: Unexpected guest
Pairing: Aya/Chloe, Aya/Yohji
Rating: R
Word count: 521
Beta: whymzycal

I suppose it's time we had the talk...


Fic: Executioner of the Rose
Fandom: Weiß Side B
Prompt: "Mine is an evil laugh."
Pairing: Slight Aya/Chloe
Rating: R
Word count: 304
Beta: whymzycal

Chloe, “executioner of the rose,” indeed.

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