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Don't Take Sides Against the Family

Revenge is Profitable.

It begins in a new Italy, the seaside town of Reggio di Calabria.

A corrupt government labors away to find solutions to the criminal underworld.
Human experimentation is rampant.
Enforcement is void, if the price is right.

Two families have risen from the ashes of a dystopia, hungry for power and profit.

The Vescovo have dominated the city for decades.
With a pedigree of pure killers, few dare to challenge their authority.
Losing their city is not an option.

The Monacello are powerful, possessing new blood and ambition.
A new leader has brought this obsolete clan to new glory.
The jewel that is Reggio di Calabria is a priceless asset.

A war is brewing in these darkened streets.

Friends will betray you. 
Enemies will become allies. 

Fight for pride.
Die for loyalty.
Live for power.

Welcome to Reggio di Calabrio.

Name your price.
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