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ESPALION: The New World.

"The discovery of [the New World] was much more than a mere scientific process, [it was] romance, rather than cold speculations of medieval geography, [that] urged men to tempt the dim seas of the West in quest of golden islands seen in dreams."

—Lewis Spence, 1913


In the world of Ce Monde, it is the Age of Exploration.

The New World--Espalion--has been recently discovered and settled, forming itself into a beautiful 19th century, Nouvelle-Orléans-esque series of islands and mainland. A clash of culture and politics, between free men, nobles hungry for recognition, the descendants of their former slaves, and still, rogue pirates ransacking towns and ships on their own accord, has sparked this renaissance of a taste for adventure, power, and freedom.

A fever has spread throughout the countries of yore: an itch to see, to experience, to explore, to simply go, go beyond the horizon and find what lies past it. And who knows what these star-crossed voyagers will find in their travels, what dangers they might encounter, and what wonders they might see.

Good luck on your journey into the New World.


An alternative universe, multifadom RPG
combining the age of exploration with steampunk.

espalion logbooks unearthing
informationapplicationreservationstaken characters
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