November 1st, 2007

Soul to Soul

German passage translation

Here is a translation of the German passage that appeared at the beginning of chapter 37:

Wir ordnen den Tod an.
Es ist eine Straße, wohin es ein Weiß verteidigen ging schwache Seele.

"We command death.
It is a street where a "White" went to defend weak souls."

The first sentence is grammatically correct. "Anordnen" (it's a verb with a separable prefix) literally translates to "order," but "command" is a more precise word.

The second sentence is not as grammatically correct. The first half is good, but things fall apart after the comma. First of all, the verb is in the wrong position (although it's conjugated correctly; "ging" is the simple past form of "gehen" - "to go"), and second, I don't know if "Seele" is supposed to be plural or not (the plural from is "Seelen," but if it was supposed to be singular, it would have been written as "eine schwache Seele," but without that "eine" it's hard to figure out if it's meant to be plural or singular; at least the adjective ending is correct). Although, given the context, "weak souls" makes the most sense. The sentence would be better written as "Es ist eine Straße, wo ein Weiß zu verteidigen schwache Seelen ging." Or the "schwache Seelen" goes before "verteidigen," I'm not too sure about that.

Yeah, this was a real pain to translate. But I do hope it came out nicely. If I made any mistakes, please point them out.
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