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Promoting my art journal

Hello all!

Just popping by to promote my fabt journal. fabt stands for fan art brought together.

As you can see there is already some art for "Weiss" on there. Not much yet, but that will change over time. So please visit and enjoy the gorgeous art!

I know it is quite possible you have all already seen all I will post on my journal for Weiss Kreuz, Gluhen and Side B, but you may never know. Perhaps you will still be able to find a small gem now and then on the journal. I sincerily hope so anyway.

(If this isn't allowed, feel free to delet my post.)

I need help!!

hi there everyone!!

i m just wondering if anyone knows if there is a FULL translation floating around on the internet or somewhere for the Weiss Side B manga??
if so i would really really really appreciate it if someone can let me know.  i ve already searched and i know that the manga is translated up to vol.3 on the site 'kitten claws' or something like it.  there's also a small scaltaion of it on      

(you might have to be a member) but it ends somewhere in vol.2 and it hasent been updated in awhile like all the other sites that ive been too. i did however find what i was looking for on another site but unfortunately it's not there anymore.  *cries*  

reason being is that i m attempting to scanlate this manga myself so i can share it with everyone.  i have the raw scans already and i have the editing skills now all i need is the translations!!

So if anyone knows. hit me up!!! thanks!!!!
Yuki & Aya - shadow of a hero

Fic: Taking Lives

Title: Taking Lives
Word count: 1168
Status: Complete
Rating: PG (violence)
Continuity: Weiß Side B
Character(s): Yuki and Aya
Summary: Cycles usually come full circle, only to begin again, no matter how much we want them to end. But sometimes...We can make it a little better.
Notes: I'm blaming this on you using them in that meme, pockythoughts

(The first time is out of necessity; sometimes it really does all come down to 'kill or be killed.')
When you gonna learn

2 Ficlets

I'm a bit rusty on fic writing, especially Weiß, so I took my two recent prompts and wrote a couple Side B ficlets.

Fic: Lucky Number
Fandom: Weiß Side B
Prompt: Unexpected guest
Pairing: Aya/Chloe, Aya/Yohji
Rating: R
Word count: 521
Beta: whymzycal

I suppose it's time we had the talk...


Fic: Executioner of the Rose
Fandom: Weiß Side B
Prompt: "Mine is an evil laugh."
Pairing: Slight Aya/Chloe
Rating: R
Word count: 304
Beta: whymzycal

Chloe, “executioner of the rose,” indeed.

When you gonna learn

Contest Fics

All the fics for the Weiß merchandise competition have been posted, and voting is now open.


Please note: To keep this contest fair, the mods will not be voting.

Please leave feedback for the fics! The authors worked very hard to get these done in a short amount of time, and they deserve a pat on the back for what they've achieved. GREAT WORK EVERYONE!

There is a prize for leaving feedback, so comment away! It won't be decided only by how much you comment, but also on what kind of comments you leave. We encourage positivity, and flames will not be tolerated.

When you gonna learn

Just a reminder...

Two more days left to submit fics to the wk_squee  fic contest. There are some great prizes including animations cels, official Weiß earring & earcuff, keychain, a cloth banner, mouse pad, pencil boards, a compact mirror, and a bunch of other items. There is one 100-word drabble contest and the rest are only 1,000 words minimum. I'd love to see some Side B fics, so please come and play!

More info here!

When you gonna learn

Weiß Merchandise Fic Competition

A little while ago I posted to a couple Weiß communities and asked if anyone was interested in a fic competition for a bunch of Weiß merchandise I had. The response was good enough to where I've decided to go ahead with it. There are several categories, with a lot of merchandise for each one. You can see photos and a list of goodies under each lot. Unfortunately I can't bear to part with any of my Side B stuff, but I'd love to see some Side B fics in the competition. Fics are only a 1,000 words minimum, so please sign up! You could win some really cool stuff!

More info and signup here!