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Tonight, on Sick Sad World...

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Tonight, on Sick Sad World

This community is run by tsukitaichou and swirling_chaos.
It's here simply to bring the "WTF!?" factor to the world's attention.

Feel free to join and add some of your own WTF factor.
This can come from random journal babble, the news, or wherever you find it.


• Please credit your sources.
• Please put pictures/long posts/videos behind an lj-cut.
• Please copy+paste news articles (and place them behind an lj-cut) as well as linking to them, as sometimes they expire.
• We'd prefer if you'd tag your entries to make the community easy to browse, but if you choose not to, a moderator will tag it for you.
• Flaming and spamming will not be tolerated. One of the mods will first give you a warning, and if you continue to violate this rule you will be banned.
• Please do not post any illegal content or anything that violates Livejournal's TOS. Depending upon the severity of the violation this could result in an immediate ban.
• The moderators reserve the right to immediately delete any posts or ban any person(s) that they believe are disruptive to the community.