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If anyone has pictures of the France trip on their computer and is willing to donate a couple to The Quill, could you e-mail me? You'd get photography credit, and um, a big hug.


or IM me if you want to talk about it: sanlearle.



I went and read all the back entries I missed and I realized that I completely forgot to introduce myself. I think. Well, I'm going to now anyway, so yeah. I'm Suzanne, graduated SIA in 2003, now I'm a sophomore @ Johns Hopkins University down in Baltimore, MD, which is...interesting, for lack of a better word. woohoo. I forgot if there was anything else I was gonna say, so that's it.

paperbag, again

Well, since we have had some fiscal issues, paperbag won't be coming out after break as expected. On the bright side, we can now extend the deadline for submissions. Again, my screenname is sanlearle and my e-mail address is mduch@statenislandacademy.org.

Please, please, please talk to me even if you're only vaguely interested. I'd love to chat.


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i'm bored...

... and to be honest, I won't get this reading finished tonight.
Anyhoo, because of my boredom i feel like posting. if any of you younger guys ever apply to or think about applying to brandeis university when the time comes, you can just post here or im me with my screenname being the same. the school is up in waltham (wall-thahm) massachussets, 20-30 minutes westishy of boston. apparently i am located on an "attractive 235 attractive suburban acres". and its 9 miles west of boston. i will eventually be declaring my major in politics so i can help people with info on that type of thing but i can find out info on all the pre-med and biology stuff as well. there are over 3,000 undergrads and over 1300 grads. 46-54 female/male ration, which i didn't know until now. there are tons of clubs and i'm still even on the paintball email list even though i have yet to go to one meeting. so if anyone wants more info or advice just let me know. and if any of you guys i know wanna visit, feel free. my room is friggin ginormous and the people are nice.
try not to have a too depressing december, -Rich


Hey, everyone. It's Melanie. I'm a senior, for those who don't know. I'm making a plea for submissions to the new avant garde lit mag.

We've had 9 submissions so far, plus a few faculty, and we'd really like to get some more. It's very informal, very experimental. And the pages are going to be neon! It's going to look really, really pretty. Everyone should submit. I figure since everyone here has a livejournal, you probably all enjoy writing, at least somewhat. We don't reject pieces, though some go into Images. So either way, you have a really good chance of being published. We have a lot of really good writers and pieces already seniors, sophomores, juniors. You can submit through e-mail: MDuch@statenislandacademy.org to me, or to Anastasia or Jade. Anything that you have that's either experimental, mature (yay for no censorship!) or somewhat quirky, we'd love to publish. So I hope I get at least one response, because otherwise I'd be really sad.

Only requirement: we need them before break (ie, before this Friday), as we're looking at a January distribution. We need to start printing before December is over.

Okay. And if anyone has any questions, IM me: sanlearle. I'm pretty much always away, but leave a message and I'll definitely get back to you.
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where is the love? i.e. where are the posts??

not to much longer till school... i miss staten island, how suprising, cause i'm in london with my dumb stepfamily and dad and i miss friends and home, and omg, school! argh, get me out of here. lol, now i'm just babbling. sorry =P


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has anyone ever seen mr.hulse? ive asked about 7 people and no one ever has... i mean.... thats a little weird dont you think? is he dead and i just dont know it? is this some weird sia conspiracy? if you have ever seen him, leave a comment. i want to get to the bottom of this. lol.

"have a great day"

Hello, my name is Skylar. *everybody says, Hello Skylar!* (AA meeting??).

okay, yeah, i'm a rising soph (07 woo!!) and i too like to rant and rave about our school as well as defend it, i'm not that bad a person. but yes, i lurrrvvv to rant and rave... basically thats it.

3 things i hate about sia: 1. formal dress 2. the hulk (nice one whoever came up with that) 3. the fact that the landscaping is so shit and we're paying 18G a year... just make it pretty

3 think i admit it, like about sia: 1. some teachers 2. my friends are nearly all there (how sad) 3. myself!!

thats a pathetic list, oh well.

--lys says my icon looks like its from a porno. does it?--

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