Name: Brittany Taylor John

Age: 14

Location: Las Vegas, NV/Harrison Twp., MI

Height/Weight: 5'10"/120 lbs.

5 Fav. Bands: papa roach, fall out boy, my chemical romance, nickelback, linkin park

5 Least Fav. Bands:

Best song line EVER: "This time I'm mistaken
for handing you a heart worth breakin"

Favorite & least part about your looks:
favorite: my eyes
least favorite: my nose

Something interesting about yourself: i like atleast one song from every genre of music

What would you bring to the community?: pictures, traffic and ratings

Why should you be accepted?: i have strong opinions about things and i'd like to rate the people in this community
  • Current Music
    a lifetime movie

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Are you one of those girls who desperately need make-up so they can look hot?

Are you confident enough that you look very pretty w/out it?

Are you a Natural Beauty?

If you said 'Yes' to the two last questions, then this community is for you.

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This isn't your typical rating community, because unlike the others, we rate you for what you where born with and not for the mask you put on.