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loud music!!

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[07 Jan 2005|12:19pm]

ok. seeing as this community never really lived, lets give birth to it, huh?

troy, post about your band here.
chyna/travis, talk about cheap music.
meagan, more cheap music.
alex, i know you have more to say about the stuff you listen to.
michael, wtf are you listening to right now? i wanna know. post about it. then talk about what stuff youre listening to once its released.
anne, youre hot and dont need to anything, except touch people for moniess.
tania, i wanna know what shows youre excited about, or just saw and loved.
ithica27and9, i dont know who you are, but say hi and talk about something to do with epic music.

now, im going to say that i hope you all take time to say something here. and plzz some ideas for making this little family work. this is such a specific community for a broad subject, live music, so i know there is plenty to talk about.

im hoping to see the scissor sisters in philly, then wilco with meagan, and maybe m83 if i have any money. any other good things happening in c-bus that i should know about?

peace. brettles
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