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Hello, I'm Melyanna.

First I'd like to thank Showmasters and all the people of the stuff who worked a lot to let us enjoy the event.

I'm a huge Elijah fan and I went there to meet him. It was a great experience and the best Saturday ever!

Here's the link to my LJ page, in which I posted a report and a first batch of pics I personally took about my meeting with Lij. If someone recognizes me, or has some other pics taken from the queue, please let me know! I'm dying to find out if there's a pic around showing me hugging Lij!

Thanks for help, and hope to see your reports and pics, too! More to come from me, too!


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Anyone else totally blown away with the line-ups for the cons this year? C9 is gonna' cost me ALL of my internal organs and LFCC4 is already making me wet myself :s

I've reached that dilemma when I still want to see amazing announcements made, yet at the same time a few crap guests would really suit my poor bank balance!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh Showmasters, you evil GODS! :p
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Just in case people haven't done it yet =P

From CHRIS!! on the forum ...

If people are happy for me to start the 'Forum Most Wanted' back up then I'd like to do so?? Especially with so many members now its hard to put a face to the name.

I will need you to email me:

- your forum name
- your real name
- the photo that you would like displayed

Please email
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For people using tubes this weekend for the meet.

Weekend Tube closures for Channel Tunnel Rail Link engineering works
In connection with Channel Tunnel Rail Link engineering works at King's Cross St Pancras; Metropolitan, Circle and Hammersmith & City line services will be suspended on 13/14 and 20/21 August as follows:

Circle - no service between Baker Street and Liverpool Street

Hammersmith & City - no service between Edgware Road and Whitechapel or Barking

Metropolitan - no service between Baker Street and Aldgate

Remaining services will operate at the following reduced frequencies:

Circle - Baker Street to Liverpool Street via Victoria every 10 minutes

Hammersmith & City - Hammersmith to Edgware Road every 10 minutes