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WELCOME! We are currently still under construction. Our magazine will be open to the public shortly, so please check back soon.

Shower Scene is a dedicated magazine full of interesting articles and information for your days. Here you will find everything from beauty tips to the hottest action TV shows out there. We will have articles about everything from new and up coming musicians, to the best CDs every made. We won’t just cover one topic; we will do everything to keep you waiting for the next article to be published. Check here for your recent news updates to keep in tuned with what’s going on around the world. Come back to visit us for our monthly fashion articles to keep your outfits up to date. We will even have articles based on special events/things that you probably would never even know about if it wasn't for us. So, don't go another day without joining The Shower Scene!

This journal is dedicated to the staff of the The Shower Scene If you would like to view the magazine please visit the actual journal for it here, _shower_scene.

If you are interested in joining the staff please follow the directions under this journal. You can find out how to become a staff member by reading this post.

You can contact us by E-Mail at showerscene_x@yahoo.com.
We would love to hear from you.