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CHAIN CHAIN CHAIN REACTION [22 Nov 2007|01:46pm]

Check out the A.K.A.'s on their WINTOUR TOUR!
The A.K.A.'s are embarking on a rad tour with Hawthorne Heights, Amber Pacific, Escape the Fate, and the Secret Handshake. A great thing about this tour is that for every night they had a different upcoming artist do a SICK FUCKING poster for the show. AND I'M ONE OF EM! Go check out my poster and everyone elses and download them for FREE! Copy and paste to check some of em out


Below are the tour dates to get your hips moving and your lips swervin!!:

Nov 23 2007 6:00P
Majestic Theater Detroit, Michigan
Nov 24 2007 6:00P
9:30 Club Washington, Washington DC
Nov 25 2007 6:00P
Recher Theatre Townson, Maryland
Nov 26 2007 6:00P
Roxy Theatre Atlanta, Georgia
Nov 27 2007 6:00P
Norva Theatre Norfolk, Virginia
Nov 28 2007 6:00P
Trocadero Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Nov 29 2007 6:00P
House of Blues Cleveland, Ohio
Nov 30 2007 6:00P
The Eagles Club Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Dec 2 2007 6:00P
House of Blues New Orleans, Louisiana
Dec 3 2007 6:00P
House of Blues Dallas, Texas
Dec 4 2007 6:00P
Graham Central Station Pharr, Texas
Dec 6 2007 6:00P
Dos Amigos Odessa, Texas
Dec 7 2007 6:00P
Midnight Rodeo Amarillo, Texas
Dec 8 2007 6:00P
Sunshine Theatre Albuquerque, New Mexico
Dec 9 2007 6:00P
Rialto Theatre Tucson, Arizona
Dec 10 2007 6:00P
House of Blues Anaheim, California
Dec 11 2007 6:00P
House of Blues West Hollywood, California
Dec 12 2007 6:30P
House of Blues San Diego, California
Dec 13 2007 5:00P
Golden State Hall Bakersfield, California
Dec 14 2007 5:00P
House of Blues Las Vegas, Nevada
Dec 15 2007 6:30P
All City Live Reno, Nevada
Dec 16 2007 6:00P
The Fillmore San Francisco, California
Dec 17 2007 6:00P
Midtown Ballroom Bend, Oregon
Dec 18 2007 6:00P
Crystal Ballroom Portland, Oregon
Dec 19 2007 6:00P
The Showbox Seattle, Washington
Dec 20 2007 6:00P
Big Easy Spokane, Washington
Dec 21 2007 6:00P
Big Easy Boise, Idaho
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[16 Apr 2006|12:01pm]


Me and the AKAs

More Photos, ones of just the band at:

-AKL hearts AKAs

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I was picked up and then dropped off in the culture-counterclockwise-turned around... [25 Mar 2006|08:30am]
I just wanted to share that in 24 hours, I'll be in the car with my best friend on the way to Tempe to see the A.K.A.s again... FINALLY.

Hopefully the Clubhouse hasn't changed their camera policy since the last time I went to AZ for a show, so I might get some photos. No garauntee, though.
And I know that the venue they're playing here has changed their camera policy and doesn't allow them in.

I will definitely be getting some other photos when I see them though, while we're hanging out. Mike is giving my best friend a tattoo so I'll get some shots of that, and they're gonna be hanging out with us for a while so...

I'm kind of freaking out right now. It's amazing.

Expect to see an epic (and by epic, I mean EPIC) update about everything by Friday at the latest. Those of you who know me or have read my journal or updates in the past know what I'm talking about. ::grin::
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[22 Mar 2006|06:29pm]

I'm sure that many of you, like me, love more than one Fueled By Ramen band so I made a little something for everyone to use...

Label LoveCollapse )
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[11 Mar 2006|11:44pm]
Sign up for Fueled By Forums!
Every FBR band, in one place.
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Forget it brother! You can go it alone! [12 Jan 2006|08:58pm]
OK, so maybe this is just me pointlessly pimping my site, because I don't think any of you (other than my little sister) are from NM but...

The only reason I post this here is because in the "tour journal," there's my story about the last time I saw the A.K.A.s, when my best friend and I drove up to Denver to see them on the MSI tour.
And I figured maybe some of you would be interested in reading it. :)
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Happy New Year from The A.k.A.s! [31 Dec 2005|07:57pm]

Greetings everyone, a collective happy New Year's wish from each of us to you!

From Mike Ski on the M.I.C:

Image hosted by

In just a few short hours, we’ll be bringing in 2006! After a long year of hard work and crazy times, it’s nice to be sit back, relax… and be thankful! On behalf of myself and the band, I’d like to thank everyone out there who supported us, and passed along that support to someone new and helped spread the word about our mission! Thanks to all our hardworking street teamers, those who came out to see us and danced the night away! Also, thanks to everyone who really listened and took the time to consider what it is about this music and this place in time that really makes us all family!

Take care or yourselves and be safe! 2006 holds a new record from our hearts, heads, and hands… so we are privileged for the chance to share that with you. We hope to cheer in 2007 with you and a million of your closest friends (who obviously share your stellar taste in tunes.)

Best of 2006:
Kaiser Chiefs
Law and Order SVU
10 Gs
Vitamins and Spiru-teen
Law and Order CI

New Year’s Resolutions:
Get Organiz-ized
Write A Book
Have an Art Show
New Websites
Make your new favorite record
Make my new favorite record

From Chachi Darin on the motherfuckin' Drums:

Image hosted by

Seasons Greeting & Happy New Year! I'm happy to have
joined The AKAS/FBR family in 05 and am proud to be a
member of this righteous rock and roll machine.
Thanks to everyone for your ongoing positivity and
support. The new year promises to be great and to
express my deepest emotions, I've written a Haiku
that's dedicated to you... the FBR Year-end Blog

Two Thousand and Six
Rock out with The AKAS
In your city soon!


Chachi Darin/ The AKAs

From Josie Outlaw:

Image hosted by

As I sit here writing and looking back to all that has happened this year, I realize that there is only seven hours left before we ring in the new Year. So much has happened this year that I am thankful for. We added two awesome new people to our little A.K.A.s family. Justin Perry and Chachi Darin are great band mates and roomies! I’ve also met so many cool bands and people on the road. Playing the warped tour and touring with bands like MSI, TSOL, Gym Class Heros, Fall Out Boy…. it was an awesome experience. I also want to thank all the cool kids who wrote in and commented on my Craft time blog. I love all the awesome pictures that you sent me!! I love seeing stuff that you created! Thanks to all the kids who bought homemade A.K.A.s gear. You can expect more the next time we roll through. Thank you for everyone who has come out to see us, anyone who brought us treats on the road, and written us! I love getting messages from all of you. I hope everyone has a great new year and I hope to see you all on tour soon!

Best of:
Touring and seeing places I thought I’d never see before
Erie kids
Dane cook
Street team kids


From Justin, aka Tiny Dancer:

Image hosted by

Justin was unavailable for comment at this time. He is probably drunk, so we assume he wishes everyone a safe and happy holiday season! Brrrrrpht!

And last but not least, the uncanny and enigmatic Chris Bazan! We saved the best for last!

Image hosted by

And so with the days of December flying by faster then I ever realize until they are gone, so is another year. Rarely do I ever take a look back at the year that’s gone by and reflect on what I’ve done, what I’ve accomplished, what I’ve failed at… but, rather, I look at the year to come and make note of what I want to make of it. Call it denial of the year past. Call it optimism for the year ahead. Call it what you may.
For the purpose of this post, however, not only will I look back upon the year, but I will review the resolutions that I made for 2005, as well as make some for the year upcoming.

So, friends, join me as we first take a look at resolutions for the year previous… and whether we accomplished them or not.


* Tour twice as much as we did last year so everyone that wants to see us will get to see us. And multiple times.
We toured more. We toured longer. We still get messages from people who want to see us again. We’ll see you again soon, I promise.

* Write a new record.
Well, considering we were so busy working on resolution number one, it really didn’t leave much time to work on resolution number two. We did, however, write a few new songs, and the year isn’t completely over yet.

* Keep 'White Doves' available for only $5 at all of our shows.
This, we did. Yah!

* Keep below 50 unanswered Myspace messages at a time.
Hahahaha. Yeah. Right.

Much like I did last year, I bring you the…

* Warped Tour
* Justin Perry
* Chachi Darren
* Homemade A.K.A.s gear
* MSI tour

…and the…

* The Kinison breaking up
* The A.K.A.s with sun tans
* George Bush
* Breaking equipment
* Pouring endless amounts of money into our van. Again.

…of 2005.

And with that I bring you to my resolutions for 2006. [disclaimer: the words expressed in the following resolutions are the opinion of the writer and the writer only. If these resolutions are not met, he shall be held personally responsible so as not to tarnish the upstanding reputation of everyone else involved in The A.K.A.’s].


* We’ll put out a new record, godamnit.

* White Doves will still be only $5 at our shows.

* We’ll keep our Myspace inbox below 200 messages at any given time.

* We’ll make journal posts more often, more interesting, and with more photos.

* We’ll play more local-ish & regional shows.

Or something like that.

Thank you, everyone, for an amazing year. You’re beautiful. You’re wonderful. Here’s to another…

Chris Bazan

If you've made it this far, you are a trooper! THANK YOU! Hope to see you on tour with Anti-Flag soon!

XO, The A.K.A.s
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If we're the A.K.A.s army... [27 Nov 2005|01:14pm]
[ mood | artistic ]

We use tactics of guerilla warfare.

Just recently, my college campus was plastered with doves.
Some look like thisCollapse ) and are amid the other flyers for various things on all the bulletin boards all over campus.
Others are just the dove.
And others are the dove with "Who the fuck are the A.K.A.s?" written on them.
They appeared on bulletin boards, benches, random posts, and the boxes that hold the school newspaper.

And here are more doves in actionCollapse )

Furthermore, we discovered these dovesCollapse ) but, uh...
We don't know who spray painted them. We just thought it looked cool and was a good photo op. ;)

Overall, stapling and taping doves all over the place was a blast.
And even further, I'd just like to say that I love how the A.K.A.s [are everywhere] just lends itself SO well to things like this.
I just hope it gets at least one person thinking, wondering "Who the fuck ARE the A.K.A.s?" and "They really ARE everywhere!" It's like a puzzle.
Confusing people is fun. It gets them wondering. :)
(see, there's reasons I love glamourbombs.)

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doesn't pertain to AKA's BUT: RAVEONETTES GEAR STOLEN HELP EM OUT! [10 Oct 2005|07:42pm]

We are devastated...
The night of Oct 6 a van with all our gear was stolen in Brooklyn, NYC. So much has been lost, but these 4 pieces listed underneath are truly the things that matter to us... like Wagner's Jazzmaster from 1961 that he has lived & travelled with, played & written on for the past 12 years. And Sharin's beloved Gretsch from 1965. If you see or hear anything about these 2 guitars and 2 basses please email us immediately on and you will be rewarded beyond your wildest dreams.


Sharin & Sune

Gretsch Chet Atkins 6120 1965 Guitar Orange V89V391

Fender Jazzmaster Guitar, Sunburst 55820

Fender Precission 1974 Bassguitar L. Tan 317392

Rickenbacker 4001 1974 Bassguitar OK 7546
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You were young and innocent... [09 Oct 2005|08:57pm]
[ mood | excited ]

Not that I won't have answered my own question by Thursday night anyway but...

Anyone know if the A.K.A.s are still selling hoodies? Particularly, those I <3 NY ones?
I didn't get one when they came here in January, but it's hoodie season again, so I'm itching to get one if they still have em... so I'm curious if anyone knows beforehand.

Either way, ooh, Thursday night's gonna be a blast.
I'll see those of you that are going to the Denver show very soon! :)

P.S. This is Katy, formerly known as trinitysboots. :)

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[02 Oct 2005|10:03am]

[ mood | excited ]

Mindless Self Indulgence and The AKA's sounds like an amazing show to me. I love when MSI plays with bands that I already enjoy! Too bad they aren't playing with MSI the nights that I am seeing them :(. I hope everyone enjoys this tour though. I'm off to see MSI (my favorite band) with Kill Radio tonight.

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Did you really think I'd let you kill this chorus? [27 Sep 2005|06:56pm]

I know this isn't for about 2 weeks, but...

Any Denver kids here?

My best friend and I are driving up for the A.K.A.s show with MSI on Oct. 13th, and it'd be cool to meet some other A.K.A.s fans there.

All I have to say right now is thank god for my Fall Break coinciding with the show.
And Sleater-Kinney being the next night as well!
Now THERE'S a band that never plays New Mexico.
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CASTING CALL!!! Be in The A.K.A.s new video this weekend!!!! [23 Aug 2005|12:28am]

Hello Dear Friend! We're back from tour, for only a few days... and what we wanna know is... "WHO WANTS TO BE IN A KICK ASS ROCK VIDEO!?" We're filming an awesome video for "Always On" THIS WEEKEND in Upstate, NY, so what do you have better than to do than bring all your friend out for a super awesome time to be remembered forever with THE AKAs! All the info is below, we sincerely hope to see you all there!

Xo, Mike Ski and The A.K.A.s

Casting call: MUSIC VIDEO FOR "The AKAs." We are
casting featured extras for a 35mm music video to be
shot August 27th and August 28th on the campus of BARD
COLLEGE (Kingston/Rhinebeck area) in upstate NY. The
director won a "Viewers Choice Award" for his last
video, which aired on MTV2 and FUSE. Experience is not

We will be asking the cast to use their own
transportation to get to and from set on both days of
the shoot. We also ask since the concept of the video
involves a traffic jam on a quiet country road, that
as many cars as possible be driven to set to be used
as part of the traffic jam. There will be a set
stipend for gas. We hope to see you there. If you here
any questions, e-mail:
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You're a regular decorated emergency; bruises and contusions will remind me what you do to me... [14 Aug 2005|08:46pm]

[ mood | jealous ]

There's very little discussion here, so...

Anyone going to Hellfest?
I just checked the lineup and, uh... I'm jealous of Jersey.

If you haven't seen it, here goes (with the bands I'd love to see there in bold):
this is longCollapse )

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Want a sweet personalized AKAs tote bag?

Want a tote bag like no one elses, that can say ANYTHING you want?

Want to be cooler than your friends?
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We're outta control! [02 Aug 2005|03:06pm]


Mike gets rough.
Erie, PA 7/31/05
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[28 Jul 2005|11:10am]

[ mood | i like my glasses. ]

Do you guys know what the A.K.A.'s are playing in their set for Warped?

Thanks. :)

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Craft Time with Josie Outlaw Part 2 [29 Jun 2005|01:40pm]

Hey everyone!
Thanks to everyone who wrote and left comments on the Tote Bag. I am gald you liked it. Since there was such a good response, i decided to do another little quick one today.. This is a real quickie and will take you no time at all. Is everyone ready?
Today I am going to show you how to make a pillow out of your favorite band t-shirt.

This is what you will need:
One awesome band shirt...A.K.A.S' shirts work best!
Cool fabric (optional)
Pillow stuffing ( can be purchased at any crafts store)
Sewing machine or a needle and thread

The first step is to pick a super cool band band t-shirt..The larger sizes work best. I chose to work with the best band T-shirt that i own!

Image hosted by

Next: Use a chalk pencil ( only if you need to) to draw a square around the image. Make sure to leave alot of room around the edges so you can sew it together. Once you have the size of the square right, you can start to cut it out....Like sooo...

Image hosted by

Once you have your square cut out, you need to cut another square the same size as the first one for the back of your pillow. You can do this two ways, you can use the back side of the t-shirt or any other fabric you have lying around. I had some really cool black and pink fabric that i used for the back panel of the pillow..

Now, you have all of your pieces! All you have to do now is pin them together with the back sides up.. You do this so when you sew the pillow the rough edges are inside...Pinning the pillow will just help as a guide when you are sewing it. If you are an expert you don't have to do this.

Image hosted by

The next step can be done two ways. You can do it the ghetto way which means, you can hand sew the edges ( I have done this for years before i could afford a sewing machine) OR: you can do it the easy way.. I chose the easy way out. Use your sewing machine to sew around the edges of your pillow. When you get to the last panel make sure to leave a two inch opening so you can stuff it!

Image hosted by

When you are finished sewing it, you can turn it inside out and stuff it!! Yeah that's right i said stuff it! You can buy pillow stuffing at any arts and crafts store. When you have stuffed your pillow to the max, sew the little two inch opening shut and get ready to rest your pretty little head on your brand new pillow!!

Image hosted by

Now that was easy wasn't it?! If you have more time you can add some fluffy trim or a little bow to personalize it. Let me know if you guys have any other cool ideas...Oh and don't worry i will have a project for all the boys up very soon!
Josie Outlaw
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The AKA's in CT [24 Jun 2005|09:36am]

Is anyone going or interested in going to see the AKA's with Lost City Angels @ Empress Ballroom in Danbury CT July 5th?
My band is opening for them so I have tickets to sell that are cheaper than buying through Empress.
Tickets are $10 through me.
If your interested email
Hope to see you there!
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Too much is never enough... [07 Jun 2005|10:44am]

Soo... for one of my classes I had to make an iMovie with my photos and music. And since I have about a million pictures of the AKAs, and I love them oh so much, I made my iMovie like a little AKAs video.

If you want it, I can email it to you. Keep in mind that it's a .mov file, so I think you need quicktime to play it. I used the song "Every Great Western."

So, comment if you want me to send it to you. It's only a 7KB file too.

BTW: iMovie for some reason made my images all pixelated, and I'm not sure why, but they're totally a lot better quality than what shows up in the movie.
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