I just came across this great kitchen brand Cuisipro. They have great handy products especially if you love baking. Here are a few that are going to be on my wishlist.

Zoo Animal Cookie Cutter Set

Decorating Pen

Herb Keeper

Rocket Pop Molds - perfect for summer treats

Tiffany & Co.

Hello there,

I will be going to Tiffany & Co. in Melbourne within the next week or so to make a purchase. I am a bit nervous about going there as I have never been before. What is the customer service like? Are they snobby? Do they refuse people into the store? I was going to bring my boyfriend with me as it will be a gift from him to me, but he is a surfer bum so I don't think they would like him in the I dunno.
Tell me your experiences? Oh, and should I call in advance to see if they have the earrings I want in stock?


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I am loving all the new clothes at the moment, i only went in to myer and glassons today and spent over $200, I figured it was definatly time to leave before I went any where else.
Both have some great deals on, Glassons is offering second items half price and myer have buy 2 items of underwear and get 25% off as well as 25% off trousers and shirts at country road.
Also sorry about about all the spam posts, ive reported them but they keep coming back.
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If anyone is interested:

There's this really cute online store called (opens in a new window).

It's their 1 year birthday today so they're giving 35% off storewide for today (Saturday & Sunday) when you type in the code: BIRTHDAY. They're also offering $5 Express shipping, $15 international shipping & free shipping on orders over $150.

So I suggest that everyone go have a little peek. I want about half their things! (And if you're from overseas, don't forget about the time difference!)

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Im really sorry about not posting in so long but I am hoping now that I can get this group more active and have a lot more fashion related posts. Heres just a muddle of things Ive seen online recently. I dont know how many of you would have heard of Joules but its a gorgeous brand and i'll do a post of there stuff soon.