Beautiful, Shocking People

for those who like to shock

beautiful shockers
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Your Mainter/Mods:

Your Co-Mod:

This position was awarded to Corrie for all her help promoting


-Do not post/comment until accepted, besides on your own app.
-Use "I want to be shocked" as the subject for your application so we know you read the rules
-Do not screw with the mods
-Don't ask if you are accepted/rejected, we will get to you sooner or later
-Be active, post often, and tell us if you're going on vacation
-Put your WHOLE app behind in LJ cut. If you don't know how then ask someone... its NOT that hard
-Members: When voting please put "yes" or "no" in the subject



*Zodiac Sign*
*Eye Color*
*Hair Color*
*Significant Other?*


*Nickname for the Shocker*

Have You:

*Ever been shocked?*
*Ever shocked someone?*
*Ever had sex?*
*Ever smoked pot?*
*Ever drank alcohol?*
*Ever gone skinny dipping?*
*Been asked out in the last 5 days?*


*Death Penalty*
*Do you think cheerleading is a sport? Why?*

Why do you think you should be accepted?
Promote in another community AND in someone's journal. Post both links here. We WILL be checking to make sure you did it.

*Please attatch 3 recent pictures of yourself - preferably one with the shocker sign*



This challenge is for stamped members only, not applicants. If you suspect a member of being fake, inactive, ugly, or unworthy of being in this community you may initiate a challenge. You may not challenge mods. You may not challenge members who are away. You must post an entry stating who you're challenging and why. The subject of the entry must be "Membership Challenge". You also must provide questions for the member to answer, or if you're accusing them of being fake or ugly you must tell them they need to post new pictures. Two other members must then "second" the challenge. Once two members have seconded the challenge then a mod will post an entry stating that Member A has challenged Member B. Member B then has a period of 72 hours (three days) to acknowledge that she/he has been challenged and renew themselves, by commenting on the post made by the challenger. If the challenged member fails to respond in the 72 hours then he/she will be eliminated from the community! If the challenged member does respond to the challenge, the other members of the community must vote either "Stay" or "Go". Once the member has 10 votes, it will be decided if she/he gets to stay or has to go. If the challenged member gets voted to stay, then the member who did the challenging must fill out the same questions she/he provided. She/he must then be voted on. If the challenged member gets voted to leave, then she/he must leave the community. Don't understand the rules? Post an entry asking any questions you have.

Membership Challenge
[Username:] (provide the challenged member's username)
[Reason:] (why are you challenging her/him?)
[Prove Yourself:] (create a series of questions for them or ask them to post pictures)