MOD: to all Mods

ok, i have a few things to tell you MODs. First, whenever you make a post or comment, in the subject write "MOD: (w/e you want)" so everyones knows that a Mod is saying something. Also, we don't need to make a post everytime someone is accepted/rejected. One of us (or we can switch off) needs to make a post once every 2-3 days saying who has recently been accepted, rejected, and who needs more votes. I can do the updating on the info page of who has been accpeted/rejected. Also, after we get 10 members or more, I think that we should make a rule that someone needs a minimum of 10 votes (or 24 hours) before they can be accpeted or rejected. We should also have a mod in charge of making a new theme of the week or month or whatever. Then we need a mod to be in charge of challenges. Corrie is the official promoting Mod, however we do need EVERYONE to promote so we can get this thing started. Also, we still need banners. I made some temporary ones, but they suck. We need ones for: rejected, accepeted, promoting, and challeneges. We have a lot of work to do. If anyone has n e other ideas for this community, please tell me. If you want to be in charge of one of the things I talked about, please comment!

Thank you everyone!!!

<3 manda


I have reviewed all the votes for corrie and she's so IN!! Everyone said yes... so yay! new member!!

it's really late...
and this is really random
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