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"the sword that believes..."

.icons by elevenses
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about rules et cetera
adj-na., n - (1) seriousness, earnestness; (2) "live" or real (sharpened) sword; (3) in rurouni kenshin-verse, a stance in swordsmanship called "the sword that believes"

;the journal
welcome! you've stumbled upon elevenses' icon and graphics journal. it is members-only, so please join if you wish to see the latest updates. (i do try to update semi-regularly; however, i try to make each batch as large as possible, so that takes time.)

;the icons
currently, most of my icons are manga-based, but i also do anime, movie, tv show and "wordy" icons from time to time. it simply depends on what i'm most interested in at the moment. just now, i'm going through a manga-coloring phase. XD

;the fandoms
watch my list of interests below for the most up-to-date listing of the fandoms i am currently interested in. i am constantly discovering new ones, and i try to keep my interests updated as frequently as possible. whenever i find a new fandom, there is a pretty good chance that icons and/or other graphics will be soon to follow, so check frequently if you care. ^^

;the tags
if you are looking for older icons, your best bet is checking the tag list. i am currently going through and reorganizing the oldest icons, so that list is under construction. i also try to keep the memories updated, but i suspect that once all the tags have been sorted, i will no longer bother.

;contact me
if you ever feel the need to contact me, feel free to do so. you can either leave a comment here in the latest post or at my personal journal, or if you're really desperate, you can email me at tathchan @ netscape.net.
my rules are pretty easy-going. all i ask is that you comment when taking, and please credit me in keywords. i'm hardly going to waste time hunting you down if you don't, but it's common courtesy. also, it hardly needs to be said, but please don't hotlink!

i create a lot of textless icons. i like the looks of them. i do not intend them to be bases, HOWEVER: if you would like to add your own text to a textless icon, you are perfectly free to do so. i only ask that you let me know, and still credit me since even textless icons take quite a bit of time and effort to make.

at this moment, i am not actively taking requests. however, there is a link in the navigation bar of this journal to the request post, where you are more than welcome to leave a request for me to pick up when i have time. right now, i only have time to deal with these on an individual basis: if the request interests me, and i am able, i will make it sooner. if it does not, or i am not, i will get to it once my schedule frees up a bit and i can officially open requests again.

when requesting, you need not necessarily ask for a fandom that is currently listed in my interests. you may request one not listed, but if you do so i must ask you to please provide a specific picture or two, and be as specific as possible (i.e., a picture of iruka from naruto, with whatever colors/"look" you would like, if you're picky, and whatever text you want, if any.)

;requests >> rules
i do have two rules when requesting: i will NOT create an icon, header, fo banner or anything else using an image or images from a series/movie/show that contains BL (aka yaoi, shounen-ai, slash) or its female varient (aka yuri, shoujo-ai, femslash). nor will i accept requests with an image or images containing adult material, whether it's het or slash. these two rules are non-negotiable, so please don't bother complaining.
i don't think there's anything else you need to know going in, but here are a few links that might be of interest if you're going out.

teh_indy ; crumblingwalls ; nightfall_icons ; blimey_icons ; lysrouge ; cdg ; arisubox ; __kali__ ; darkangel_alone ; 77words ; iconlove__

;resources >> fonts
dafont.com ; urbanfont.com

papermoon_icons ; chrnocrossing ; nabari_awards ; moyashicons

want to affiliate? just drop a comment anywhere! :3

;my other comms
07ghost_awards - another weekly community dedicated to the series 07-ghost, the names of whose authors have slipped my mind just now; the awesome chungsparadise and i co-mod there.
juujikazou - (non-icon-related) my journal for anime and manga reviews. {it's on brief hiatus right now, but things will resume as soon as i have the time!}
mathombox - also non-icon-related ; my public, multifandom genfic archive. well-written genfic, i might add. XD
nabari_awards - a weekly icontest dedicated to my current favorite series, nabari no ou, by kamatani yuuki. JOIN, my minions!!!
nabari_no_icons - another nabari community, this one for icons, as perhaps you might have guessed :P
samurai7_icons - an icon community for the anime series samurai 7
shinkenbases - here is where i dump all of my icon bases; potentially useful if you're a fellow iconmaker!
sutepricons - an icon community for the anime/manga series scrapped princess

.that's it!
so join/friend!

arigatou gozaimashita! ^^x
profile layout code thanks to ReversesCollide. journal layout found at everything_lj, customizations and header by elevenses.