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Leave a Whisper

The ORIGINAL Shinedown Fan Community
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All Members , Moderated
This community is for Shinedown fans, old and new alike. I encourage you to join if you like/love/are obsessed with/worship Shinedown.

Your -loving- mods,
suicidalhamster and strangerxinside

How to join a community:
Log in, and go to the community's info page. Go up to the top and click on "To join this community, click here."

How to post in a community
It's no problem. First of all, log in. Then, Go up to the top and highlight "Journal" and go to "Update," but be sure that you click on the "..." instead of Update itself, or you won't get the extra option that you need. Type your subject and your message, but instead of just going straight to "Update Journal," click on the first box underneath "Optional Settings." It should say "Journal to Post in:" and you want to click on the drop down list, find _shinedown_, and click on it. Then you can fill in your mood and music if you want and click on "Update Journal."