____hope_ (____hope_) wrote in _shinedown_,

I went to the show in Worcester last night and had a blast. Decided I liked Halestorm and Flyleaf and bought Halestorms cd.

- clips from Dream
- Heroes
- Begin Again
- Burning Bright
- 45
- Simple Man (dedicated to Dimebag)
- I Dare You
- Yer Majesty
- Left Out

I was disappointed that they didn't play Shed Some Light or Better Version

They sound different now. And the show was great, don't get my wrong. I still love the band. But I think their new material is much less creative than their old stuff. I didn't get to go on the floor for this show, since my boyfriend has issues with floors, and I got to kind of sit back and watch and it was interesting. They're definatley a crowd pleaser.

I recognized all the songs Seether played but I'm not really a huge fan of them. The only ones I know the names of were Broken, which they played somewhere in the middle and Remedy. They dedicated one of their songs to Dave Williams and Dimebag who've died in the last year.
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