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SnoCore '06

As you all may or may not know, Shinedown is one of the bands on the coming SnoCore Tour '06 along with Seether, 10 Years and Halestorm. Of course I don't have to tell anyone here who's already seen the boys, definitely keep an eye out for one of these dates in your area, they do not disappoint, and Seether is pretty good live as well, and though I can't tell you from personal experience about 10 Years or Halestorm, I've heard nothing but positive about them...
That out of the way, I'm not only posting this for anyone who doesn't already know, but I'm also here to ask if anyone here thinks they might be/knows they will be at the Feb. 20th date at Bogart's in Cincy. It's far from guarenteed, but my friend and I are looking at the possibility of trying to attend this one. If we're there, we'll more than likely be handing out Shinedown stickers and decals and such, so if you want one or would like to maybe hand a few out with us, we shouldn't be too hard to find.
Also, it appears that "I Dare You" will be(if it isn't already) radio-wave bound, so look out for that, and if you catch it added to your local radio stations playlist, call in and request it and get some friends to do the same, tell others about dates sheduled in your area, you know, all the stuff all you Shinedown fans normally do already ;)
Happy Holidays to all of you, and may the new year bring good things for both all of you and our boys; and tour dates nearby, especially for those of you who haven't seen them live yet.
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