Dan Kinzel (totaldrunk) wrote in _shinedown_,
Dan Kinzel

Ybor City 11\29

First off, i gotta say that if any of you ever get the chance to see Silvertide, DO IT! These guys are good. Thier lead singer was so drunk he forgot half the words. but i didnt know the words anyways so i was in the same boat.

Call your local Rock station and request "Devil's Daughter" by Silvertide, i'd like to see these guys make it.

Before i get into Shinedown's set. I'd like to congratulate Brad, who missed last nights show to be in Jacksonville celebrating the birth of his baby. My best goes out to Brad and his family.

The playlist went a little like this

Left Out
Fly From The Inside
I Dare You
Shed Some Light (Acoustic)
Simple Man
Begin Agian
Burning Bright
Save Me

I was the only one there who brought thier Shinedown shirt, everyone else that was wearing one and wasnt on the sound crew picked it up at the merch booth. I put some 540 Miles on my car for this trip, well worth it, this being the first time i have been able to catch the guys since the middle of Feb.

Next Show for me is 12-8 in west palm
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