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Met the Guys ;) [07 Aug 2012|10:38pm]

[ mood | giddy ]

Shinedown Concert with Chris 038
My boyfriend and I got to meet the guys back in April, such sweeties. I had the wonderful honor of standing next to Brent Smith!!! ;) I also got Brent and Eric to sign my shoes ;)

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Shinedown - Black Velvet [27 Jan 2010|06:10pm]

Shinedown are on the cover of Black Velvet with a 4 page feature/interview inside (plus concert review in the concerts section).

More info including how to get copies can be found at http://www.blackvelvetmagazine.com
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[16 Jun 2009|08:03pm]

12 photos of Shinedown from Download Festival on Sunday are up at http://www.blackvelvetmagazine.com/shinedownphotos.htm

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[31 Oct 2008|07:13pm]

The issue of Black Velvet with an interview with Barry in is out now. Visit http://www.blackvelvetmagazine.com for more info.
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[04 Oct 2008|11:34pm]

Just thought I'd let you know that the next issue of Black Velvet (UK independent magazine) will include an interview with Shinedown. The interview is with Barry. The issue will be out at the very end of this month, although there's a bit more information about the issue at http://www.blackvelvetmagazine.com/nextissue.htm (you can order copies in advance to be mailed to you, for example).
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93xFest [20 Sep 2008|10:22am]

[ mood | curious ]

Is anyone here going to see Shinedown this coming Saturday the 27th @ 93xFest in Memphis, TN? It's going to be at Mud Island and it all starts at 4:30pm.

Shinedown, P.O.D, Sevendust, and Saving Abel.

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Icons [17 Jul 2008|05:57pm]

Hi y'all!  I'm looking for some good Brent Smith/Shinedown icons.  Anyone know a place where I can find some?  Thanks ;)
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Strippers, Rock Stars and Sandy Beaches [25 May 2008|02:00am]

Lido on the Beach Cabaret in Cocoa Beach is hosting a Summer Concert Series. This upcoming Wednesday, catch Push Point at 104 Cleveland Avenue in Cocoa Beach (visible on A1A). Doors open at 8pm.

Please visit www.lidoonthebeach.com for more info or come party at Lido's this weekend and make your Memorial Day Weekend truly memorable.
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[10 Oct 2006|03:24pm]

did any of you see shinedown on tour with godsmack and zombie?
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Beale St. Music Fest, Saliva Survival of the Sickest, 93x Fest [17 May 2006|02:13pm]

Those are the 3 times I've seen Shinedown. I just love them. Their music has been a big inspiration in my guitar playing. Each time they have dedicated Simple Man to Dimebag..it rains. It's just beautiful.

I'm such a dedicated fan. The next time I go to a concert of theirs I want to try to get a backstage pass somehow. I need to get some more guitar pointers. I've played for 2 years or more but I'm nowhere near where I want to be.

A few weeks ago when I saw them..I was waiting on them to play Shed Some Light...but they never did. It was a bummer. But they played some more amazing songs from their new album. I think I will always like the first album more than any album they could do. Because the point &time I was in my life when that album released. It got me through a lot of shit.

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[26 Feb 2006|02:56pm]

I went to the show in Worcester last night and had a blast. Decided I liked Halestorm and Flyleaf and bought Halestorms cd.

- clips from Dream
- Heroes
- Begin Again
- Burning Bright
- 45
- Simple Man (dedicated to Dimebag)
- I Dare You
- Yer Majesty
- Left Out

I was disappointed that they didn't play Shed Some Light or Better Version

They sound different now. And the show was great, don't get my wrong. I still love the band. But I think their new material is much less creative than their old stuff. I didn't get to go on the floor for this show, since my boyfriend has issues with floors, and I got to kind of sit back and watch and it was interesting. They're definatley a crowd pleaser.

I recognized all the songs Seether played but I'm not really a huge fan of them. The only ones I know the names of were Broken, which they played somewhere in the middle and Remedy. They dedicated one of their songs to Dave Williams and Dimebag who've died in the last year.
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ticket situation [24 Feb 2006|07:00pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

I bought a ticket to see shinedown in Myrtle Beach at the House of Blues on March 2nd. I put in for that day off from work. I was the first one to request that day off. I was scheduled off the 3rd instead. Shinedown is playing the Roxy in Atl that day. I say all that to say this:

Would anyone have and be willing to trade 1 ticket to see Shinedown in Atl for my 1 ticket to see them at House of Blues????? PLEASE??

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Philadelphia Sno-Core. [17 Feb 2006|06:53am]

Does anyone have 2 extra tickets for the Philadelphia Sno-Core show or know where I can get some? It's sold out and they are outrageously expensive on e-bay. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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Shinedown-online [06 Jan 2006|06:31pm]

[ mood | excited ]

Just a post to let you all know about the newest and quite possibly coolest SD site on the web...
The videos to all their TV appearances are there, as well as tabs and fan pictures, great stuff...
Also, for those of you that haven't heard the stripped Shinedown songs, there are fantastic versions of FFTI, .45, Save Me, I Dare You, and an amazing cover of U2's One at

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SnoCore '06 [22 Dec 2005|09:52pm]

[ mood | happy ]

As you all may or may not know, Shinedown is one of the bands on the coming SnoCore Tour '06 along with Seether, 10 Years and Halestorm. Of course I don't have to tell anyone here who's already seen the boys, definitely keep an eye out for one of these dates in your area, they do not disappoint, and Seether is pretty good live as well, and though I can't tell you from personal experience about 10 Years or Halestorm, I've heard nothing but positive about them...
That out of the way, I'm not only posting this for anyone who doesn't already know, but I'm also here to ask if anyone here thinks they might be/knows they will be at the Feb. 20th date at Bogart's in Cincy. It's far from guarenteed, but my friend and I are looking at the possibility of trying to attend this one. If we're there, we'll more than likely be handing out Shinedown stickers and decals and such, so if you want one or would like to maybe hand a few out with us, we shouldn't be too hard to find.
Also, it appears that "I Dare You" will be(if it isn't already) radio-wave bound, so look out for that, and if you catch it added to your local radio stations playlist, call in and request it and get some friends to do the same, tell others about dates sheduled in your area, you know, all the stuff all you Shinedown fans normally do already ;)
Happy Holidays to all of you, and may the new year bring good things for both all of you and our boys; and tour dates nearby, especially for those of you who haven't seen them live yet.

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Ybor City 11\29 [30 Nov 2005|07:50pm]

First off, i gotta say that if any of you ever get the chance to see Silvertide, DO IT! These guys are good. Thier lead singer was so drunk he forgot half the words. but i didnt know the words anyways so i was in the same boat.

Call your local Rock station and request "Devil's Daughter" by Silvertide, i'd like to see these guys make it.

Before i get into Shinedown's set. I'd like to congratulate Brad, who missed last nights show to be in Jacksonville celebrating the birth of his baby. My best goes out to Brad and his family.

The playlist went a little like this

Left Out
Fly From The Inside
I Dare You
Shed Some Light (Acoustic)
Simple Man
Begin Agian
Burning Bright
Save Me

I was the only one there who brought thier Shinedown shirt, everyone else that was wearing one and wasnt on the sound crew picked it up at the merch booth. I put some 540 Miles on my car for this trip, well worth it, this being the first time i have been able to catch the guys since the middle of Feb.

Next Show for me is 12-8 in west palm
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goin to the show tonight [29 Nov 2005|11:09am]

i am about to leave my house now to travel the 258 miles MapQuest says it is from my house, a little north of Miama,FL to the Ybor City (a few minutes North of Tampa) show tonight, then drive back after the show

maybe i'll see one of you there
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Fan map... [25 Nov 2005|05:27pm]

[ mood | blah ]

Where you at SD fans?
I saw this on a couple other band boards and such I'm on, but when I searched for a Shinedown related one, no results were found, so I figured I'd start one for the SD fans here and on the board and anywhere else they lurk... see where all SD has fans, show the other fans where you're at, that sort of thing...

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Chattanooga review [12 Nov 2005|12:09pm]

[ mood | tired ]

The show in Chattanooga was fantastic, as are all Shinedown shows I’ve ever been to, I did not walk away disappointed. This was my seventh time seeing them, and the show is never the same. Danielle and I along with her mom drove into Crossville, TN (where we’d be staying) the day before the show to get things ready for the show, considering this was still about two and a half hours from the venue. The next day we made the drive to the venue around noon, and got there around 3:30pm due to the time change, and met up with Jane and Mike basically as soon as we crossed the street from the parking lot. Then we were updated that also Glen and Leesa would be at the show, and after going to eat we all met back up out in front of the arena, and handed things out to pretty much anyone we could for about 45 minutes until they opened doors. We also ended up meeting Chris, Deanna and Brandy before the show got started.

We then went in to find our seats and wait for the show to start. The first band to take the stage in Silvertide’s absence was a band called The Farewell, hailing from Memphis. Not the best opening performance I’ve ever seen, but energetic enough, and they caught the audience’s attention at the end of their set by doing an audience participation cover of “The Wall” so everyone was screaming back to them.
The next band was from Atlanta, and called illBreak. They did a set a little better than the first band, they did a pretty cool cover of “Sober” by Tool, and I liked the vocalist’s voice somewhat, but personally I still would have rather seen Silvertide open the show.

Then, it was time for Shinedown to take the stage. They opened with “Heroes” as they did in Louisville, but true to their nature the show they varied the show. They played “Fly From The Inside“, “Left Out“, “Burning Bright“, “Simple Man“, and “.45” off of Leave A Whisper, and rather than playing the same Us And Them songs, they changed “Yer Majesty” out for “Begin Again”, then “Save Me” and “I Dare You” along with “Heroes”. Even better, this time Brent pulled out the megaphone, which is something I hadn’t seen them do in over a year, to do the part of the song simply known as “the struggle” in “Begin Again”. This for me was the most thrilling part of the show, this was the one song I’d been hoping they’d play since I first heard the album, and had had a dream two nights before that they were indeed going to do it, and they fact that he used the megaphone simply made it ideal for me. And again, Brent had every last person in the arena on their feet before they left the stage. I swear the man believes he’s invincible and doesn’t know the meaning of rest, having just gotten out of the hospital a couple days before, there was no way to tell that he wasn’t in absolute perfect health. Their performance was spot on. We all left the arena before 3 Doors Down took the stage and said our goodnights to all the board members we’d met up with, and actually took off about three songs into their set due to the long drive, but it was all 100% worth it.

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Bad News [05 Nov 2005|11:15pm]

Shinedown has cancelled at least three dates on thier current tour as Brent is reported to be hospitalized due to blood clots. I havent heard anymore about this since i left the Orlando show. That show featured 3 doors down and alter bridge playing longer sets to make up for shinedown not being there. Refunds will be given to those that dont wish to see the other two bands(I got my money back).

nothing has been posted to shinedown's website as of yet
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