Met the Guys ;)

Shinedown Concert with Chris 038
My boyfriend and I got to meet the guys back in April, such sweeties. I had the wonderful honor of standing next to Brent Smith!!! ;) I also got Brent and Eric to sign my shoes ;)
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Is anyone here going to see Shinedown this coming Saturday the 27th @ 93xFest in Memphis, TN? It's going to be at Mud Island and it all starts at 4:30pm.

Shinedown, P.O.D, Sevendust, and Saving Abel.
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Beale St. Music Fest, Saliva Survival of the Sickest, 93x Fest

Those are the 3 times I've seen Shinedown. I just love them. Their music has been a big inspiration in my guitar playing. Each time they have dedicated Simple Man to rains. It's just beautiful.

I'm such a dedicated fan. The next time I go to a concert of theirs I want to try to get a backstage pass somehow. I need to get some more guitar pointers. I've played for 2 years or more but I'm nowhere near where I want to be.

A few weeks ago when I saw them..I was waiting on them to play Shed Some Light...but they never did. It was a bummer. But they played some more amazing songs from their new album. I think I will always like the first album more than any album they could do. Because the point &time I was in my life when that album released. It got me through a lot of shit.