Desperate for help

Hey girls,

i'm fairly new on this site, ive had ana for 10 yrs now and ive hit a bump in the road, these bastard doctors put me on pills that made me gain 10kilo's in 2 weeks which i think is around 20 pounds, i desperatly need help and suggestions on how to loose weight quickly, anything thats worked for u or uve heard has worked please tell me, i really need ur help.

I need support please add me if u want to.

Love Amy

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I'm new to this community.. but my name is hayley..


CW:: 130
HW:: 130
LW:: 110
GW:: 115 (in less than a month)
GW2:: 110
GW:: 100 (by april)

I need some help. if you have any tips, let me know. =0) thanks.


think thin.

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