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Shaun Drinking Game

Quite a few years back, I posted my version of the Shaun of the Dead drinking game here. All the other ones I found online sucked IMHO. Anyways, I'm gonna watch Shaun with my gf tonight and thought I'd refresh my brain with the old rules... but this comm has hundreds of entries and no tags or memories... So I just went ahead and rewrote them. Feel free to apply as many or as few rules as you want, depending on the desired level of inebriation... ENJOY!

Drink anytime...
1) The Winchester is mentioned
2) Someone says "You've got red on you..."
3) Anyone says "Phillip"
4) Any time there is a repeated line (eg "Top left. Reload.")
5) Ed mentions Barbara
6) There's foreshadowing (eg "You're dead" to the kid...)
7) Whenever Shaun is called "Pickle"
8) Whenever someone answers their phone

Finish your drink if/when...
1) You forget to groan with the zombies during White Lines
2) Someone in the party dies and/or turns into a zombie

If you're brave drink...
1) Whenever someone says "fuck" (see also: "It's 4 in the FUCKING morning..." See also: braindeath)
2) Whenever Shaun bashes a zombie with his cricket bat
3) Whenever David says something snarky and annoying