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hello all!
Sorry for just gatecrashing!
Should say something like hey I'm Ryana saw SOD x+3 years ago and loved it.
But instead of rambling i turn to you with a request...
I need some Noel icons...Can somebody make me some please?
Or Noel-Shaun ones?
Please? Thank you and next time i promise I'll come with something more creative...;)
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Adrien Brody
Beauty and the Beast
Doctor Who (mostly Series 3)
Harry Potter
Pirates of the Caribbean
Shaun of the Dead
Stock (Australia, animals, puddings, etc.)



All over HERE if you're interested

More Hot Fuzz Goodness!

I haven't seen this mentioned here, but I have been offline for a bit. I apologize if it has. It looks like there will be a Hot Fuzz 3-disc Collector's Edition released in November. That's what I get for selling my soul and buying the Wal-Mart exclusive (of course I had to buy a widescreen copy as well because full screen just wouldn't do)! I'll probably buy it just for the additional commentaries!
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Hi folks! Icon post over at my journal!

[3] Star Wars
[30] Nick Frost, Simon Pegg, Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz
[18] John Simm, Life on Mars (Minor Doctor Who casting spoiler for end of season 3)



The rest are here