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Just a really short Shaun/Liz type thing, pre-movie.

“All you have is bread,” Shaun said from the kitchen.

“Just got back from a trip, didn’t I?” Liz replied, looking through her mail.

“What about Dianne and four eyes?”

“Dianne and DAVID eat out, I’m the one that shops.”

Shaun appeared from the kitchen with a piece of white bread sticking out of his mouth. “Doesn’t sound fair.”

Liz smiled slightly, her eyebrow raised. “I don’t mind it.”

Shaun took a bite out of the bread and then stuffed the rest in his mouth with his hand, and chewed mechanically. “Don’t like white bread,” he said, spitting crumbs all over his collar.

“Is that how you eat all bread you don’t like?” Liz asked.

Shaun came up in front of her and set his hand on her waist as he looked down at the mail in her hands. “You always get more mail than I get.”

“Bills,” Liz said.

Shaun made a face as he chewed. “David seems like the type who’d pay bills.”

“Disguise,” Liz said. “I pay the bills.”

“Seems like you’re needed ‘round here.”

“Oh they’re fine.”

“I didn’t mean just them.”

Liz blushed slightly. “Really, Shaun.”

He cleared his throat and leaned forward, then snaked his arm around her waist to her back, and pulled her towards him slightly so that her chin rested on his shoulder and their chests were pressed against each other.

“Missed you,” Shaun mumbled, his mouth full of bread.

Liz, flushed, replied, “Thanks,” and remembered why she liked Shaun so much.


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