September 10th, 2005

(no subject)

Heyy! New here. Facking LOVE Shaun of the Dead. I saw it wiht my best friend and my little brother on television . . we got the movie free lol. Anyways, i'm in love and we're going to rent it, so that way me and my friends can watch it on the 6 hour drive to pennsylvania 0:-)

anyways. I had the best idea ever. I was looking for a SHAUN OF THE DEAD icontest community . . but . . none to be found. :-X Can you believe this? how tragic. So is anyone interested in making one? I would, but i have way too many communities to mod :-\ but if any one of you would, that'd be so sweet.

ps. I love mkaing graphics. And whenever i make SotD icons, i'll be sure to post them here for you. ^^