March 19th, 2005

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Hey all,

Just found this comm, big fan of the movie, Simon Pegg, Dylan Moran (HUGE fan of Dylan Moran), etc.

So anyway. Hope this isn't too OT. I just thought I'd tell anyone who might not know (seeing as this Crosses Fandoms) that Simon Pegg is in the first ep of Black Books season 3 (Dylan Moran's show). Cause when I finally got the DVD I almost choked on my water when he came on. He was great. So if you like Simon, you should check it out.

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I'm conducting an interview with actor Mark Donovan, who played Fran's cousin Gregor in Black Books (series 2 episode 'Blood') and was also a zombie in Shaun of the Dead (the male zombie in the garden they bludgeoned to er...death). Post your questions in the appropriate thread on the Forum

Please submit some questions as im unimaginative!