February 26th, 2005

Enid 01.


Hi, I'm new. *Waves.* Obviously, I love "Shaun of the Dead". In fact, I knew I'd love it even before I saw a trailer of the movie - I'm a huge zombie movie fan (George Romero or Bruce Campbell, anyone?), and I'm also a lover of all things British. This movie makes me drool like a CHUD for human brains. If anyone is interested in having a zombie-lover on their friends list, feel free to add me! :-)
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Is there anywhere, anywhere at all that I can find an online script/transcript of Shaun? Because I'd love that, man. I really would. Help would be appreciated.

Oh yeah.

I'm new-- called Emmy, big fan of most zombie movies, blah de blah blah blah. Nice to be here. Cookies, anyone?