February 14th, 2005

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Happy Birthday To The King Of The Fucking Zombies! Happy Birthday Simon! :) Hope its a great one! ^.^

In other news, Happy Valentines day to everyone!
Also, I have decided to post pictures of my mini mini shaun! Its kinda crap, But I got bored. The actual Mini shaun has been loacted. . .And is in Uculet. Lee will be bringing it back next week I hope ^.^!
So here he is. . . .

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kottonmouth bj'd

Happy Birthday dear Pegg! You ARE The Fuckest Uppest!

Happy Birthday Simon Pegg!

Happy 35th Pegg...Sorry I cant be there. I'm just far too busy.

He is 30 today! This means I will  never have him, Ouch...

But yes! Happy birthday, it has been a busy week for the Pegg as he has picked up 2 awards, met on eof his idols (Mike Skinner (The Streets)) and now it is his 30th...

Boy, he must feel very happy.. He deserves it all though. He got me and my boy together, so instead of celebrating Valentines we are celebrating "Pegg day" this will consist of watching allt he Pegg and quoting all of everything until we:

A) Puke

B) Fall over

C) Fall over and puke

...How will you celebrate it?

...This gives me an excuse to post more altred pictures of me and him



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