February 3rd, 2005


Cock it!

Well, after eons of being a looky-loo, I have decided to just give in and join.

One of ya'll. One of ya'll. *I think I just gave away the fact that I am Texan in that sentence*

Seen the movie, love the movie, keep watching the movie.

I am getting bored with my DriveSHAFT desktop wallpaper, so if anyone has any fabulous Shaun paper to share, I would be ever so blessed.
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dogs can look up!


hello! i'm new here, and i joined for the obvious reason that i adore shaun of the dead and enjoy sharing my adoration with others. i would like to thank my boyfriend for being supercool and wanting to see this movie. it was worth every minute of that 2 hour drive to tulsa, and even more priceless when i loved it more than he did!

wondering if anyone else had this experience... when he and i went to see it a second time, when it finally came to our local theatre, the "player two has entered the game" bit at the beginning of the movie was missing. ed's line was there but not the game thing. it was there at the end of the movie though. very odd.

nice to meet you all!
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