January 29th, 2005

Seasons Of Love

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...if youve exhausted the special features on the SOTD dvd, you may of noticed this too... if not, heres how to check this out

1) get to the main menu on the DVD as per usual.
2) go to the setup menu
3) go to the subtitle menu
4) turn on the trivia subtitles (cant remember what they are called off the top of my head)
5) watch the film, as usual, but pay attention when it starts explaining the names matching up with the characters eventual fate
6) watch until "Di is 'Dies'" (or something similar)
7) go back to the main menu
8) go to the special features menu
9) select the missing bits
10) watch the Di plot hole

in the plot hole, it says Di survives. in the subtitles, it says she dies.

any thoughts?
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