January 13th, 2005


Ok, but dogs can look up!

Ah since we're on the topic of icons, I figured I throw some out there. Here's all the Shaun of the Dead icons that I've made so far:

. . .

Credit is nice, folks, but I'm not going to be evil about it or anything. Hopefully I'll have more soon. :)
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Well hello fellow fans :)


I also adored shaun of the dead, so much so i based my A2 coursework upon it, which id let you read but im scared until i get my grade that someone will copy and then im fucked! So ill let you see it gladly when i get my A :)

I also have a DVD signed by all the cast, except dylan cause the lazy bitch didnt go the signing. But ill forgive him cause hes a great guy, he bought me wine, im forever in his debt!

I was gutted Bill Bailey wasnt in Shaun Of The Dead, every other british person was hahah




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I also love spaced.

Simon Pegggggg

This is for anyone in the midwest, I suppose. If you get on in the next 10-15 minutes, Jimmy Kimmel is a rerun of like a week ago, and Simon Pegg is going to be on it. I doubt anyone will see this, but it's the thought that counts.
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