January 5th, 2005

  • regisjr

Shaun Sequel?

I was listening to the cast commentary of Shaun of the Dead and heard some interesting news about a sequel. Is this true? From what Simon Pegg said, it will be called Shaun of the Dead 2: From Dusk til Shaun. It has Shaun, Liz and Di (who lived as we saw in the plotholes on the DVD) returning.

I was also wondering because of the "From Dusk Til Shaun" title, does this mean Shaun will be battling vampires instead of zombies in this film? Also, how will the remaining zombies play into the plot. I am of mixed feelings about this sequel, I would love to see Shaun in a new adventure but so many great horror films were destroyed by sequels. Hope Shaun of the Dead doesn't achieve the same fate.