January 3rd, 2005

Muah hahah!

Ok ok,
So there have not been THAT many updates in here recently, So I decided to write up in here. Well, I keep losing my mini shaun, and finding him in the weirdest places. But I found out last night, That my BF likes to sleep with it! Yes, My BF likes to sleep with my mini Shaun. O.o Well, I was wondering what I should do next and I was looking for some imput. Should I do a Mini Liz, Or a mini Ed? Cause I don't know. Mini Liz would be easier, But Ed would be fun! So someone let me know what you thinik. OH! and I should be getting a webcam soon so I can take picturesof my wonderful little Shaun.

Anyway, I finally reached my dad to ask when he was sending my shaun stuff along, and he's sending it tomorrow. I can't wait! Finally! Shaun stuff! Yay!
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Oh my god. I went on the Shaun Squad site today to see what was going on and what was the first thing I see?! "All Good things must cometo an end! The shaun squad is closing as of January 3rd." I am so sad.

I didn't go on there much or anything, But you know, Shaun of the dead is a brilliant film! and I mean, Simon, Nick, and Edgar all made nice little blogs and such for all the fans. . .I can't believe it's closing down. I feel so sad :(

Lets all do a group hug =P

I just wanted to ask if anyone saved any of the Blogs? I have the ones that are up on the website now, But does anyone have some of the older blogs? If you do, Coould you tell me and maybe we can work something out. Maybe someone can e mail them to me or something.

Also, There Is another website with a Board and suchj. You can get a direct link to it from a wonderful site known only as : http://www.peggster.net/ !! Its a great site that also has all the pics from the blogs, Pics of Simon as a baby, and so on and so forth. Obviously there are shaun photos in there too ;)
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