December 15th, 2004

I know all

I love this movie

I am new to the site and I to saw it up in Canada with morpheuszero at a drive-in theatre. It was Bloody cold but well worth it, I am glad that it will be here on DVD in a few weeks.

I loved that is was the guy who played Victor from underworld that was Shauns step-father I laughed so hard when I realized that

Just wanted to say Hi to everyone
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The grrl you want

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Ive finally bothered to post in here(about time).
Well its great to see other SOTD fans that love the movie this much cause the more of us their are the more sane I look(if thats possible). I went to see SOTD when it first came out over here in Ireland and then when I went to stay with my boyfriend in Texas I got to see its American debut so Im pretty chuffed about that.

I'll stop ranting on now.

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