October 13th, 2004

I stand by my actions

I just got told off by management because someone came into my cinema and asked me if AvP was any good. I said no. They asked what they should see, I told them to go to the tescos across the road and buy Shaun of the Dead and go home and watch it.

Official caution or not, I stand by what I said

Slice of fried gold :)

Hey guys, How are you?
Name's Mike D.

I just recently saw Shaun of the dead here in canada and man was I blown away. I had the advantage of seeing it at a Drive in theatre,mind it was almost freezing but oh man was it worth it :)
I also bought a region free verison of the movie off of Ebay, and can't wait till it comes out on DVD here in Canada.
I have heard about this movie since it came out in April in the UK, you lucky SOB's :)

Rawks and yes I pimp this community :)

Ed : [pulls the car up] What's up, niggas?

Love that line and Ed's face :)
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