October 12th, 2004

Kevin Corrigan


Hi, I've just joined. My name is Harmony and I live in the US (Memphis, TN). I've seen SotD three times so far.  I just love it.    :-)

I hope that its okay that I post this here.  It is a Shaun of the Dead drawing that I am currently working on.

Collapse )

- Harmony
long blondes, i love kate jackson

Moddy post.

Mrs. Mod here.
74 members!? Is that the best we can do? Is that all the guster we can muster!? I think everyone deserves to see this movie, and I'm sure we can grab a few more Shaunfans out there.
So I put this to you...
ASk all your friends to see it, drag your family to the cinema or play it non-stop on DVD around your home. Mention it in your journal, list it in your interests and PROMOTE this community!
YOu can use the banner in the userinfo, or make some of your own if youre feeling creative (hint hint all you genius icon makers ;) )
But lets SPREAD THE WORD and turn the world into Shaunfans! Horray!