September 30th, 2004



Right! I'm a long time Spaced fan (absolutely RABID over Simon Pegg) who's been waiting for SotD to come out for over a year. I got to see it opening night, and of course it's brilliant, everything I expected and more.

I don't use my LJ often, but I do still keep up with LJ stuff, so imagine my delight to find this community! Fantastic to find other SotD fans.
SotD: whack em in the head

box office weekend prediction

Your self-designated movie-tracking girl here with a box office weekend prediction.

While SotD is currently holding strong at fifth place with an estimated gross of $3,961,000, this weekend is going to be a doozy because "Shark Tale" is opening. I have a feeling that it's going to grab most of the box office revenue. There are also "Ladder 49" or "I Heart Huckabees" opening as well, so in order for SotD to stay in the top 10...everybody go see it (again) this weekend! And take a friend or two who hasn't seen it yet, because they must see it anyway. We can push it past $4 million easily.

By the way, yesterday "Mr. 3000" made $324,011. SotD made $315,000. So close!

/end transmission :)

ETA 3:29: Oh, never mind. SotD just beat "Mr. 3000" yesterday with $275,000, and is now in FOURTH place with a grand total of $4,236,000. But...ya know...keep going to see the movie. Heh.