September 29th, 2004



Hi! I'm new to this community. I'm one of the Americans that just caught on. I saw it on Saturday (day after it was released here) and I loved it! Fantastic film. So, I made some icons and I'm sharing them. If you use any, pleaes comment here and then credit to my icon journal, hundredxhundred.

NOTE: There is a textless version of Icon 01 under the cut.

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And it would also make me very happy if you CLICKED HERE. Help me earn some points at the ShaunSquad by showing some appreciation for my icons and clicking? *prods at link*
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Wassup my Niggas?

Hey All,
I am from America, but have seen Shaun about, a month ago. I got myself a copy of the English DVD and LOVED it ever since! I have heard of this movie in 2003, and have wanted to see it since. Tis the best movie out there...I have made a few Icons, but they are malfunctioning right now, post them when they're done!

See ya mates!
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