September 27th, 2004


part 2 of interview

Here's Part 2 of the interview with Edgar, Simon, and Nick on

Zombie orgies! (...Zomborgies?)

Also, SotD made $3.26 million over the weekend, placing 8th in the top 10, and it's still in limited release. Now that's pretty impressive.

ETA: More positive stateside news from

Focus Features' SHAUN OF THE DEAD claimed eighth position with $3.2 M in ticket sales. Now, before you get worried that such a low debut for SHAUN means the British rom-zom-com has bombed in America, you need to know that the movie only played on a little over 600 screens across the continent. Compare that to THE FORGOTTEN or SKY CAPTAIN which are playing on over 3,000 screens and you see what I mean. Focus will be expanding the film in the coming weeks just in time to take advantage of the trick or treat season.