September 25th, 2004

Siouxie Sioux

helloo, dahhlings

This is my first post here, so...hi! I'm from New York, and I'm just your average fangirl. I found out about SotD way back in mid-July, and the moment I watched the trailer, I couldn't wait for Sept. 24th. It was also then that I declared Simon Pegg to be my one of my new imaginary boyfriends (like I said, I'm a fangirl). But anyway.

I got to see SotD twice at advanced screenings before the release. I feel really good about that. I'd never been this enthusiastic about a movie before, probably because I knew it was going to be something not everyone in America would "get."

Well, here's my offering for today: I was bored at work and decided to scrounge up a few choice reviews from newspaper sites and such. I haven't come across a negative one yet, which is pretty cool.

(BTW, I posted these on the message board at Just thought I'd give any LJ'ers who aren't members a look.)

NY Daily News -- the reviewer calls Simon "appealing." tee hee!

NY Newsday -- 3 1/2 stars

NY Times -- you need to be registered to read this lengthy one, but hey, it's awesome that even the Times loves Shaun!

Entertainment Weekly -- only gives it a B+, but EW never likes anything good. -- "pasty, scruffy Pegg" -- HEY! he's not pasty! he's...uh...melanin deficient?

And here's a long Q&A with Edgar, Simon, and Nick that's going to have a part 2 to it from -- CAMEOS IN ROMERO'S LAND OF THE DEAD! EEEEEE!

Okay. That's it for now. :)
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Hey, just thought I'd jump up and poke my nose in before the stampede of Americans (lovely people) begins (as I'm sure it will.)

I got my SOTD DVD a couple of weeks ago and have watched it 8 times since (I couldn't see it at the pictures due to a bit of a zombie phobia.) I could watch Nick Frost's 'bafta-scene' at the end for ever, and ever, and ever.

Alhtough I was disturbed by the sight of Simon Pegg without his goatee in some of the extras. Little bit Tin Tin for my taste.

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So I went to a midnight showing of Shaun last night on its official opening day here in the states and this movie just gets better each time I see it. I was just going to comment on something, I love all zombie movies and I noticed two references to other zombie movies in Shaun.

Ed yells into the phone, "Were coming to get you Barbara!". This of course is a classic line from Night of the Living Dead.

And at the end there is a quick news report snippet, "The theory that the outbreak was caused by monkeys filled with rage has been proven false." Which is of course a reference to the movie 28 days later.

I was wondering if anybody here has noticed any other references like these. If you have let me know! Tata!