September 8th, 2004

long blondes, i love kate jackson

Hello! Mrs. Mod here!

Welcome to my livejournal community for all fans of SHAUN OF THE DEAD! My names Astrid, I'm 16 and British and I don't know how to mod communites so this shall be interesting. I basicly wrote all I had to say in the user info. Heres the banner, go promote, everyone in the WORLD has to see this movie!

If you join you don't have to post all the time but introduce yourself at least, I mean, thats just manner, aint it?

Youve got red on you....
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'ello, I'm Fay. Thought I'd introduce myself.

I love Shaun Of The Dead not only because it has all our favourite Spaced people but purely because it's a great British flick. Perhaps the thing I like most is that it's a British comedy that will definately do well overseas yet it has nothing to do with Hugh Grant. Amazing and beautiful that fact is. 

Acting is suberb. Lines are unforgetable. Soundtrack rocks my socks. Perfec'.

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Hi, I'm Chris, I'm 19, and I'm a massive fan of Shaun of the Dead and Spaced. Erm... what else to put? I've seen it three times already, there's some FANTASTIC extras on the DVD. I love the commentaries.


Hello, my name is Thomas and I have a problem. Sorry, wrong place.

I joined because I am a fan of the motion picture 'Shaun of the Dead' starring Dylan Moran and Simon Pegg as two men who try to flick each other with their fingers. The DVD also has a bonus feature of some kind of zombie film or other, which is quite good value for money if you like that sort of thing.

If I have to say some kind of trivia point then, oh I don't know. In the zombie episode of Spaced mention is made of beatings to death with pool cues, which the bonus feature above has in it at one point.

Anyway, nice to see someone's made this kind of thing. Good luck!
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I'm, like, Greek or somethin'...

Yet another community I join bearing gifts.

Saw the advert at Spaced and came on over.

I'm a 20 year old Penniless Writer from the UK who has just recently become obsessed with Spaced and by proxy Shaun of the Dead. Hoorah for Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright.

Mostly Simon though...:D

Uh - if you want to call me anything call me Jen...

Gifts = Animated :

And non-animated :
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